Tuesday, 20 May 2014

We're getting there

Monty's been castrated, had his hormone controlling shots, the vet recommended it, said if we wait until the testosterone wears off naturally, he might go through a rollercoaster and it could upset all the progress we've made so far, so we went with that. Of course the little bugger managed to bust his stitches, we walked him on a short leash, kept him in the house, but it didn't stop him from jumping around like crazy in our living room.

The training is going well, he's settled in, he looks quite happy now and is a pushy little bugger, not coming out of his shell, he's exploding out of it. It's bedlam with 3 dogs, I need an extra hand for the fuss and strokes they demand.

So yeah, not sitting around being lazy, having my hands full and managed to rehome a few other dogs.

If you want to put it into BDSM terms, I'm having an alpha bitch and 2 laid back, quite submissive boys...

Don't ask me about feeding and vet costs, LOL, but they're so worth it!

Monday, 12 May 2014

There's been a good reason...

Again, sorry that I was silent for a while, but I was simply swamped with vanilla work and a new member of the family, we managed to pull a dog who was due for PTS from the pound via an animal charity.

A long trip to another part of the UK for H, somebody held the boy for us, he arrived in the middle of the night with a Dobie cross that brought tears to everybody's eyes, it looked like a dog skeleton covered in moth eaten fur. Apparently he was 6 or 7 and neutered, well, he's due to be neutered on the 15th, and I had booked him into the vet for the next day, and according to our vet about 3, maximum 4, he was just in a terrible state. The poor guy had cigarette burns on his balls, his legs, the vet also found evidence (scars) of him being shocked with a cattle prod, old injuries and fractures that healed by themselves, he was parasite ridden, severe chemical burns on his anus and colon, apparently they put something up his butt to make him aggressive, as he was apparently used for illegal hunting.

Apart from work, most of my time was really dedicated to get the poor boy back to health, my 2 Dobies adopted him and help with training, he came with no commands, wasn't house trained, but we're getting there. He's slowly learning how to live with cats (luckily he hates water spray and does about everything for affection), once he's castrated he'll calm down even more, but we had to put that on the backburner, as the vet said he was too weak and wouldn't survive a surgery.

We originally planned to just foster him, but he's such a little heart breaker and has bonded so much with us and our lot, that it looks like he's becoming a permanent fixture.

Of course this happened right on the heels of being diagnosed gluten intolerant, which required a few major life-style changes, a few work things that needed immediate attention - so it never rains, it always kinda pours...

It's been a bit of a rocky road with both H and myself ending in the ER, simple accidents of new boy Monty lunging for the cat and we got our hands in between, but again, a good trainer and working with a dog can solve almost every problem. Can't blame the dog for something some horrible abuser programmed him to do and the deprogramming works just fine. I got some furs and a teddy bear, he learned to not lunge at small fury things that move and gets rewarded with cuddles and praise and it does work like a charm.

Now what I would really like is to find the ex-owner, have some private time with him and a cattle prod, and a good alibi... And nope, it wouldn't be kinky in the slightest...

Anyway, here's Monty, how he arrived and how he looks now. Amazes me how humans can abuse an animal so badly and the animal still trusts...

Monday, 21 April 2014

Here we go again...

I'm asking in a very undomly fashion for a fave, in case it floats your boat, I'll command it...

It's a simple click, an animal charity I volunteer for entered a picture of 2 of their dogs in a competition. Please vote for them (anonymous) and share on all sorts of social media to get people to vote for them.

The charity is run exclusively by volunteers, you can vote once every 24 hours. They need the money desperately to stay open and so pets that were chucked out (you know idiots who thought it would be cute to get an animal for xmas and now decided how inconvenient it is, they just abandoned them) find homes, get neutered, get their shots, get fed and all that...

No money goes to anybody working for them, it all goes to the animals, it's a click and takes seconds, please do vote for them and share on all of your social media!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

BDSM and PTSD (from a femsub's POV)

After Phil's article about Depression and BDSM I talked to a female online friend I've been talking to for a while, she mentioned PTSD a few times and certain triggers and how she's able to live with it, but it wasn't easy. I asked her if she would feel comfortable writing about it, because a lot of people in BDSM seem to suffer from PTSD. 
ShiftyW (the author), is a female submissive and after talking for a while, her story can possibly help a bunch of people suffering from a similar condition.
Like depression, PTSD is something that can happen to just about anybody, there's nothing shameful about, as ShiftyW says, it has to be considered as seriously as a back problem or any other health problem.

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2010. It was a result of a date rape that happened in 2006. 
In 2006 I was a college freshmen, who had moved to Philadelphia from a small rural New England town.

I was a virgin.

I was dating someone who I considered myself close with.

I knew I was into kink years before this, but wasn't really ready to explore that, or even ready to have sex. But my date didn't listen when I said no, and overpowered me.

I lived in the same dorm as him for a year, and he would constantly intimidate me into not telling anyone.

I went to the clinic alone to get tested for STD's and pregnancy, which both came back negative, thankfully.

He ended up flunking out of school and I haven't seen him since freshmen year. But the damage had been done.

The next three years became a spiral of worsening symptoms of PTSD. At one point I wouldn't sleep through the night because I was constantly checking locks and looking behind doors in our apartment for someone hiding, all night long. I became promiscuous. I would go through bouts of depression and shame that would basically cripple my emotional capacity for days. I would obsessively get tested for HIV- even if I hadn't had a new partner for months, I was at the clinic every three weeks.

I dated jerks. I had no self worth or self esteem. I constantly had intrusive obsessive thoughts about what I would do if I were kidnapped or raped, with a lot of "scenario running". I was fiercely secretive about all this.

The worst symptom was being afraid to say no. I had some pretty faulty logic going on that basically was "If I don't say no, no one can rape me or abuse my consent again".

At this point, I was more into kink, and it was a problem. I didn't really know how to set limits, and doing so made me wildly insecure. Being a bottom, I took a lot of pride in pleasing my partners- the feelings of inadequacy and the fear of not being able to say no to something I really did not want to do made my sex life, and my interest in kink, pretty treacherous. I ended up in some dangerous situations, that I am fortunate to come out of relatively safely.

I got help after a particularly shameful and scary one night stand.

In therapy I learned how important respecting my own mental illness and limits really was. It’s a hard lesson, honestly. I think bottom types have a hard time feeling that they are not all they want to be for their counterparts. I felt this pretty strongly.

Because my rapist had only valued me for sex, it had a strong effect on my own view of my self worth, and I felt that if I couldn't do more extreme kink things that I really wasn't any good in the sack and I should just get over it, because it was really the only reason someone would want me anyways. I had to change my thinking. I've since realized that the way to the best relationships is a mutual respect of each others limitations, and finding someone whose limits align with mine. If they don't, unfortunately, that person may not be for me. 
If "rape play" is really important to a top and it is a requirement for them, no matter how attracted to him I am, I really need to assess if I actually want to be involved with someone who values that type of play over my mental well being.

Secondly - limits are limiting.

I have to understand if a top chooses to reject me because I'm not what they are looking for.

Initially- I had a really hard time with rejection, because I felt inadequate and as if all I was good at, wasn't good enough. I had to learn that I'm just not compatible with some people, and that's OK.

It’s OK to not be into medical play or knife play. I also had to learn to reject people myself.

Saying no to someone's advances was really hard and scary. Sometimes, people get really mad when they are rejected, and I was pretty fearful of that anger. With my therapist we practiced ways of saying no, which I realize sounds kind of silly, but it was absolutely necessary for me. I had a really hard time, and still have a hard time with it. It makes me nervous that someone won't respect it, and violate my consent again, but I'm a much happier person when I'm doing things that won't trigger me, or send me into a depression.

I also had to give up a few kinks I was really interested in. Public play and even some educational events are really off the table for me. Even if I have a strong exhibitionist streak in me, those situations make me too anxious and hyper vigilant to really enjoy myself.

Perhaps someday I can return to those things, but for now, I feel that they would overwhelm me and frighten me. Other things I will only do with folks whom I love and trust, and it usually takes a while for me to get to that point with someone. TPE was something I was interested in, but after having a terrible experience with it before, it is not something I feel capable of, I clearly have some issues with control, and I feel it isn't something that sets myself or my partner up for success. However, I'm willing to discuss it if someone right came along.

I take precautions now, that I feel anyone with a mental illness should consider taking. I treat my mental illness as seriously as I do a physical one. I make sure who I am with is aware of my condition, and signs that it bothering me. I also make sure that if I disassociate, the person I'm playing with knows full and well the signs of this and to stop, even if I don't safeword. 

I use safewords, without shame, if I end up in a dangerous headspace. If a top doesn't believe in safewords, or gives me a lot of grief about not "really being in physical danger"- I don't play with them.

I make sure my partners know about the possibility of me getting triggered, and what that looks like. I negotiate my limits really thoroughly so that someone is made aware of what is more likely to set me off.

I have of course, been told by doing this I am trying to "top from the bottom"- but I don't view putting my own mental safety first as "topping from the bottom"- me explaining my limits and PTSD is an effort to make BOTH of us feel good at the end of it, and protect myself from further trauma, if someone views me saying "Medical play and needles are a hard limit, full stop" as topping from the bottom, they are probably not someone I should play with.

Advocating and making aware your partners is the most important thing I thinks someone who suffers with mental illness can do.

I have found an excellent partner. We have been together for nearly 4 years. Our interests align and he is wildly supportive. I realized that he was someone who valued me beyond my sexuality or kink. He has come to therapy appointments with me. He knows if I'm getting triggered even before I do. He knows to anchor me down in the present and bring me out of the panic or disassociation. He constantly has my PTSD in consideration when topping me. Learning to adapt my kink and advocate for myself, through therapy, played a huge role in finding the right person. Sometimes it’s still a pain. Sometimes I can take all the precautions and I'll still get triggered.

I just have to respect the power of my own illness, and consider it as seriously as I would a back problem.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Phil Beck - Depression and BDSM

As announced, Phil Beck graciously agreed to do a blog post about BDSM and depression, as we both noticed that people with mental health issues on both sides of the whip are often drawn to BDSM. Please let me stress again, we both believe that mental health issues don't mean being "crazy", it means somebody needs help, and mental health issues are possibly widely misunderstood. 

Depression is often not properly diagnosed, it's important that you do your part to help your health professional to identify the source of it, instead of just relying that he will prescribe you something, but Phil gets into those issues.

While BDSM will NOT and SHOULD NOT replace therapy or medication and a proper diagnosis, if it makes you feel better and helps you to get through, there really is no reason to give up BDSM!

While Phil Beck is not a health professional, he does live with chronic PTSD and major depressive disorder and managed to pull through and is kind enough to share his experiences:

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and this blog post is not professional advice. If you are currently facing a life threatening situation stop reading now and contact your local emergency services provider.

Do you think you have depression? In general the difference between 'being depressed' and 'having depression' is about the length of time that the symptoms are ongoing. If your symptoms persist daily or most of the day for at least two weeks then you may be eligible for a diagnosis of depression. Key symptoms include fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, impaired concentration or indecisiveness. Not sleeping enough or sleeping too much, loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed, thoughts of death or suicide, significant weight loss or weight gain, depressed libido, a sense of restlessness or being slowed down and a depressed mood during most of the day.

Depression can be the result of imbalances of chemicals in the brain known as neurotransmitters. But it can also be the result of other physical or exogenous problems including dysfunction of the thyroid gland, low levels of vitamin D, lack of physical activity, reduced exposure to sunlight, and hormonal imbalances. Middle aged men for example can suffer low levels of testosterone that can bring on depression like symptoms. All the antidepressant drugs under the sun won't fix it if the cause is hormonal (reduced testosterone for men or menopause, peri- or post menopause for women). 

When and if you decide to see a doctor about your concerns it is important to have complete blood work done to check for all of these issues and be honest about your lifestyle and habits. There is no point in going on psychoactive drugs if you don't need them.

However, if these other potential causes can not be pinpointed, then there is a good chance that your depression can be helped through the use of anti depressants. Though medication alone is not the only answer. Research has clearly documented that medication combined with talk therapy, both one on one and group, offers better results with shorter depressive episodes and fewer recurrences. In our pop-a-pill society, taking the time to work through therapy is sometimes considered a undue burden, but it clearly helps in most cases. In particular, a type of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to be effective in treating depression in the majority of cases. There are other types of therapy, but this one is widely practiced and is considered by most professionals as the first, best choice for people living with depression.

There are many coping skills that you can employ in recovery from depression that require no professional help and come without a high price tag. The absolute best decision you can make when suffering with depression is getting out of the house and exercising. It doesn't need to be a complex circuit plan at the gym or even something that is highly demanding at all. Walking for a half hour a day can make a huge difference. Physical activity helps the brain to elevate levels of a chemical called dopamine and dopamine is important for making you feel good about yourself. So if you do nothing else all day, making that one choice can have a dramatic effect on how you think and feel about yourself. Other steps that you can take include keeping a journal and/or a thought log, making regular contact with friends or family to talk, limiting stimulant usage like coffee or cigarettes, increasing exposure to full spectrum light by using special light bulbs, taking vitamin D supplements if your doctor recommends them, eating a balanced diet, practicing good sleep hygiene, learning and doing deep breathing exercises and limiting your exposure to media that may cause you to feel weepy or sad. Try watching comedies instead or listening to up tempo music.

In the world of BDSM much like any other segment of society there has long been misunderstanding and ignorance about people living with depression. This is not surprising is it? We are playing around with some pretty heavy mental stuff already and adding in the complexities of depression and triggers can be scary and frankly, it can be dangerous. But with depression that is managed and understood the potential for real damage can be minimized and can be fit within the parameters of Risk Aware Consensual Kink or R.A.C.K. Perhaps it seems obvious, but full disclosure is really necessary for anyone with depression. It is the ethical way forward in negotiation for a scene. It makes the potential for a great scene even better because everyone is well informed and able to react appropriately in case things go sideways. For me, as a submissive, knowing that my dominant play partner is aware of my depression and potential triggers makes me feel more free to drop into sub space because I can trust my partner more rather than feeling like I have to be the one managing the situation.

In the past nine years, as I have progressed through therapy for my depression, I have also been exploring my kinks along the way. I was fortunate to have a therapist who was open minded and supportive of my kink life. That is an important element of therapy, finding someone who is compatible with you. You are the one doing the hiring, you are hiring a partner to work with on a long term project. Don't be afraid to sift through a few different people before you settle on the right one. As I explored more and more of my kink life I found new triggers for my depression and was able to talk them over with my therapist. I would then go back to those points where I got stuck in kink and find ways to push myself past those triggers. Kink became a vehicle for personal growth in my life and a tool for decreasing the severity and frequency of my depressive episodes.

Both bondage and sensation play, not only impact play but sensual play and other sensation, has always been an element that attracted me in kink. As I progressed in therapy I began to explore sensation play in more detail and discovered that it could serve as a balm for my depressive episodes. I am not suggesting that I could ever 'cure' my depression with sensation play, and i certainly never went off my meds or treatment plans because I though sensation play was the solution. But it was a complementary form of self-treatment that I found to be successful. In particular, I found comfort and safety in the feel of certain forms of bondage combined with heat and cold sensation. I also found emotional and physical release through being flogged. Impact play like flogging or other forms of sadism can cause the release of endorphins and other chemicals that help us to feel good. I would sometimes cry after a flogging session was completed, and a dominant partner, since I informed them in negotiation about this being a potential result, was typically willing to comfort me for a while in aftercare. 

Although I have only done it once so far, I found being wrapped or mummified with vet wrap to be a very liberating experience with regard to my depression. Being totally immobilized in that way made it possible to release my concerns about the outside world and my sense of emotional well being somehow began to rise up as I began to sink into a trance like state. I am still not exactly sure how that particular experience worked its magic, but I know it helped and I want to do it again. In general bondage is a emotionally liberating situation for me. I am helpless, and have submitted my life an safety to my dominant partner, all that I really have left to do is focus on my emotional state and I am free to meditate and zero in on the feelings that make me happy.

This is all stuff that works for me. Your experiences may be different. I know one person who escapes her depression by sitting in a cage. I know another person who deal with depression symptoms through the application of staples in her back and other more extreme forms of masochism. The point of all of this is that it is possible to find your own avenues of healing through BDSM. But the first and most important thing to do is get a diagnosis and deal with the underlying cause of your depression. There is no shame in getting diagnosed and no shame in going on medication or into therapy. In the United States, when you include everyone who deals with a mental health issue at some point in their lives the number becomes rather large, a vast majority in fact. Mental health parity is arriving now. People are tearing down stigma brick by brick. So get the help you need from professionals first. And then, if you are into BDSM, and you want to see if you can find other forms of release through that, take it slow, negotiate openly, and see how it works for you. Keep an open dialog with your therapist about what you are doing and why. Limit and be informed about the risks you take. You might find some great outlets for your emotional pain through this wonderful world of kink. 

Phil Beck

I asked Phil to write something for me after we had a discussion about BDSM and mental health issues on a forum and I was impressed with how clear he was able to verbalize concerns and how well informed he is. I'm surprised how quickly he managed to get this article together. Many thanks for that!

In case you want to visit his blog (he's just setting up shop) go here:

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hold on tight

Not there, you perv, take your hands off ;)

Just dealing with a bunch of health issues, mainly to do with a gluten intolerance or sensitivity, which is not a lot of fun and they keep stabbing me, (don't they know I like to be on the not so pointy end of needles) and take a ton of blood, surprised that I got any left...

On the bright side, I am working with somebody on a blog entry that I think is pretty important as it deals with BDSM and mental health issues. 

Please let me add a disclaimer, I do NOT believe that being into BDSM is a mental health problem, but I do believe a lot of people who have mental health problems are drawn to BDSM, and I do NOT believe that mental health issues mean that anybody is crazy or dangerous, it just means that they need more help (medication, therapy, etc) and while BDSM can be a crutch, a lot of people will still need professional help.

I hope it can remove the stigma of "mental health" because essentially by labelling them crazy means nothing else than labelling a diabetic as a "freak".

So bear with me, while I get stabbed, tested, work and in the meantime work with a great person on a blog update!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

BDSM Boards and Forums

There are a ton of BDSM boards all over the net, they're all a bit different and it always depends what you are looking for.

Now let me give you a word of warning before you join any BDSM discussion board, just like if you're engaging with people on the internet you don't really know, have a separate email just for that. Inconvenient, I know, but hey, a bit of inconvenience might not be a bad thing! Tons of web based emails around, from gmail to hotmail, yahoo, you name it. Easy to set up, go and do it.

It also makes a lot of sense to have different passwords, I'm not saying that the people who run the boards are untrustworthy, but again, if you are joining random boards to get your wank material, you don't really know about the people, you don't know how secure their server is, better safe than sorry.... Really not that much work and depending what you store on your email, you want to keep yourself protected.

OK we got that covered (if you don't listen, don't complain later, OK), now if you're joining any discussion board, it's like a pub or a bar, you don't storm in and tell everybody what they're doing wrong, OK. If you do, don't wonder if you're getting flamed. Read a bit around before you jump in and put your foot in, just like pubs the atmosphere is a bit different in each of them and the tone is a bit different.
In case you get flamed, just shrug your shoulders and remember it's online, why would you want to get upset about it? Seriously, I use the internet a lot for work, but if I want to hang out, I prefer a place that doesn't upset me and there is always the option of just logging off and going for a walk. Something I tend to do regularly, and I can tell you, does me a hell lot more good than hanging around on a forum and arguing with idiots.

You can make good friends on boards, but just like a bar, you don't go into a bar to find friends, you go there to socialize a bit, not to expect to find your future best friend or life-partner.

There are a bunch of Forums about, but if you're a guy and you look for a partner, none of it will be easy, so just bear that in mind and see it more as a social club:

It's a good place with almost everything, the thing that I think it's lacking is discussion boards that flow and navigating around can be a bit difficult.

It mainly deals with professional domination, if you're looking for a pro-Domme, it might be a good place to look, though the majority of male posters don't really session, one of the all time grievances is that guys who don't ever session try to tell dommes what they should do and why they shouldn't charge... Tons of dramas, a bunch of bullies and a few posters who are well, not really well adjusted.

It's basically the discussion side of CollarMe, the chat is more just chat, while the profile site (CollarMe) is more like a meat market. I used to enjoy it quite a bit but recently the moderators were all fired and it seems somebody who's support has taken over, the only issue I have with that is that it came to light that this person tends to be overly interested in the content of people's mail boxes, not for any valid reasons but just to satisfy curiosity. It feels a bit creepy and so I decided to give it a long break, just simple privacy issue concerns and I might be a bit sensitive due to my stalker issues.

SM Place
It's alright there, a bit slow, but just a bit too focused on pics and wank material, so not really my cup of tea.

Kinky Too
A new forum and a work in progress, the owners are trying to make it pretty much a mixture of all other forums and include kinky people too, as not everybody fits into the parameters of BDSM. On some BDSM forums you really always have the "purists" who try to drive everybody away who don't fit in. So the aim of this forum is to be a bit welcoming to everybody. In case you want to help and shape a forum, now is the time to get on board.

Somebody mailed me with AllStarDoms another forum that is focused on FemDommes, haven't been there for ages and can't tell you much if it's going slow or fast, but definitely one to check out.

There are countless other BDSM forums on the net, just google for them, the weather at the moment is far too nice for me to check out a lot of forums and I'm taking the dogs for a long walk and a think, as there is also this annoying thing called "work".

Now in case you do know of a good forum and would like to have it included, just shoot me a mail and I'll update.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mind Fucks - 50 Shades Of Fear

Somebody started a discussion about mind fucks, in the end it turned out that he didn't mean a mind fuck in a scene, fear play, but mental domination in the form of using female wiles, turned out he meant more obedience training or behaviour modification.

Of course I misunderstood terribly and gave examples of mind fucks in scenes, which is something I just love.

Now let me use a disclaimer first, in a relationship, mind fucks have no place, I would find them wrong, dishonest, manipulative and just fairly disgusting. Not that I am super moralistic, but I'm simply too freaking lazy to pretend, what you see is what you get, it's fairly easy, nobody needs to waste time. If you don't like what you see, well, move on, I'm not right for you and honestly, I just can't be bothered to wear a mask and pretend to be somebody I'm not. Far too much effort and I'm a lazy bitch. I'm not above a snark and sometimes follow it up with a bite that takes out a chunk, call it my personal charm...

In a relationship, I don't want to play cloak and dagger, I want to be able to take somebody at face value, and that's it. I can deal with people who tell me I'm an a-hole, great, we got that out of the way, we don't need to pretend we're best friends, we can avoid each other and be civil, cool beans. What I can't stand is the fake friendliness (the one big complaint I have about LA - apart from the traffic jams).
The funny thing is, people tend to like me or hate me, and hey, that's cool with me! As long as I know where I stand, really no issue...

But back to mind fucks, in a scene, yeah, I do love them because they are fun and I can get off on the fear. I actually had a talk about some of the mind fucks I did with H, and apart from cringing and yelling "Shit, I had no idea what a sadist you are - don't ever do that with me, go and find somebody who gets off on it, I don't mind, but no, no fucking way..." (which made me laugh) he giggled like a girl and almost wet his pants.

It was actually his idea about a blog entry about the mind fucks, he even suggested a book, but hey, another book the world doesn't need...

So here we go, most of it happened during the time I was pro-domming, and no harm was done.

So while working in a commercial dungeon part time (I always got my kink on on Saturdays or Sundays, sure I'm going to hell for that one, which is great so I'll meet all my friends again and I'm much more of a warm weather person anyway), we had this particularly annoying caller who told us that nobody can break him, we're all just fakers. Business was slow due to it being the Easter weekend, so I suggested a free session, not thinking the guy would show up, surprise, he did (yeah, a freebe can do that to people), I hadn't really had it thought through, so I needed to improvise.

Hot iron (as in clothes iron) plugged in, the guy strapped down face down, I told him that I will brand him with the iron and that will break him, he started sweating and yelling about dangers, so I put a gag into his mouth, made a big show about checking the heat of the iron by spitting on my finger and putting the finger on the iron, sizzling sound. Told him I have to wait until it's red hot so make sure the brand would last, frantic muffled yelling. Me slapping a blindfold on him, sitting on top of him and telling my colleague to check the iron again. Again sizzling sound, what little twerp didn't know, we had a packet of fish fingers in the freezer (actually shame that it wasn't vanilla ice cream, that would have been just too ironic) and after flogging him a bit and treating him with a whip and deep heat (fucking marvellous invention, love it, so many evil ways to use it), his shoulders were on fire anyway. We put the frozen fish fingers on briefly, while my colleague threw some cut off fingernails into a candle, terrible stink, guy almost passed out. We had great fun taking the piss out of him and how some frozen fish fingers broke him - he never called again, the boring Easter Sunday shift had a comedic value...

Next one was in another dungeon, great white room (white rooms are medical rooms) with a sky light, OB gyn chair and all the trimmings. Never been so super keen on medical scenes but always like scrotal inflations, a bit of electrical and stuff, and the cool white can make a nice contrast to a sizzling hot (even without an iron) scene, but in general, I do prefer a room with spanking benches, crosses and all that, that's just my lil old perverted self...

So anyway, this guy came regularly every 8 weeks, always wanted to have a castration role play, and ALWAYS complained that it was not realistic enough. I was torn between telling him to eff off and a desire to make it real. It became almost an obsession, and finally I had enough...

A friend of mine had an electric knife, as in kinky electrostimulation knife, in short it's an electric device that feels like you're being cut, but you aren't... Along with borrowing that knife (dreadfully expensive though) came a trip to a halal butcher, to purchase lambs testicles and fresh blood.
Client came, wanted the castration role play again, bitching that hopefully this time it would be more realistic, blah blah... Oh fuck, would I let him have it!

Microwave and heat up the blood, put it into a thermos and hide it, has to be warm enough, hide the lambs testicles under the OB gyn chair, take the mirrors away (don't want him to see the slight of hand), put some deep heat (Finalgon works well, water based) ready as it will increase the pain by making the nerve endings more sensitive, mask the smell with tea tree oil (nice medical smell).

Put him into the chair, went through the usual "preparation" and "talk" about him being a rapist and we will sterilize him in prison, secured him in the chair, a bit of the usual play before and a few needles through the skin, showing him the scalpel, quickly exchanging it under the chair for the electric knife, he was screaming in pain, I pretended to be pissed off and yelled "Shut off or I really do it" and just telling him I had enough with him playing pretend, electric knife, him screaming in pain and convulsing, while I poured the warmed up blood over his lower regions and the lamb testicles and then held them up yelling "So is that realistic enough, you stupid fuck, you pushed me too far..." 

Yeah, it was fucking realistic, he wouldn't stop screaming for ages, despite me yelling at him to check, he still got the family jewels, everything in place, it was just realistic...

I actually had to slap him (with my bloody gloves, which made him scream more) and it took a good while to calm him down. Fucking idiot, really, I mean lambs testicles tend to be a lot bigger than your average human testicles (and trust me, I have seen my fair share of them) and without being mean, this guy didn't have stones, he had pebbles as in pebble dash. No way those things could ever have been his.

Yeah, we lost a regular, guess he finally got as realistic as he wanted... What can I say, even Dommes sometimes aim to please...

Now there was also this guy who wanted to be dominated by a drunk and out of control Domme, something that I just wouldn't ever entertain doing, but hey, using cheap booze as a mouth wash, a cognac soaked tissue in my bra, slurring my speech and stumbling a bit... I leave you guessing, let's just say it involved a strapon and a piece of raw liver that I had hidden somewhere and put and placed at the end of a strapon after pounding him at the strategically right moment...

Fuck yeah, I do like a good mind fuck.... Anybody feeling a bit queasy?

And yes, for years my sig line used to be "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it, in unexpected ways..."

Awww, sometimes I do miss pro-domming... And yeah, I might be a sadistic bitch, but I don't want to maim anybody - well, most of the time ;)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Not a real Domme - WTF does that mean?

OK, so I recently heard that I'm not a weal and twue Domme, because I do some really undominant stuff, like volunteering for charities,  if I can, I like to help people out, I like animals and I don't eat meat, I think I'm privileged that I am fairly healthy, and I can't help but feeling that's down to dumb luck, you know such things as surviving cancer without much of a scratch (apart from donating an ovary, but hey, a ton of cancer victims would wish to be so lucky), I can't help to feel that somehow it puts me in a place where I have an obligation, not sure to whom, let's just call it the universe, to give something back.

Lately I got a whole bunch of messages about how I camouflage as a sadist, because real sadists aren't nice. Well fuck me sideways, I'm terribly sorry that being a person with a life messes with your idea about how a Domme should be. How dare I have a life, interests outside of BDSM, and how dare I being a decent human being? I know it's outrageous and somebody will rip up my Domme card, I guess it's time to confess that I don't walk around clad in leather 24/7 as well or keep slaves in my (non-existent) basement... No, I also don't have an urge to dominate everything I come in contact with, with people it would just be rude, with furniture it would be freaking useless and I'd look like a fool, with the dogs, well I have to be the alpha to make them follow orders (it's the pecking order), with the cats, they'd just laugh if I'd try to boss them around! I guess I'm fucked now...

Honestly, I like BDSM, it's part of my genetic makeup, hardwired, but it's not ALL of my life, it's a small part of my life, quite an essential part, admittedly, but I don't want to have tunnel vision. There is so much more to life than just BDSM, you know just hanging out with friends, a job, all that....

As for the sadist part, yeah, I'm a sadist but I'm also human and I'm NOT (and hope I will never be) an abuser.
So that rules out hurting people who don't voluntarily sign up to be hurt, because it turns me on to see somebody in pain, because I like inflicting pain to somebody who voluntarily signed up for it, be it because he or she wants to endure if for me, or because they crave the pain. It doesn't make a bad person because it's consensual.

So if you think I need to be a bitch 24/7 so your stereotypical tunnel vision is not disturbed, how about you kindly fuck off!

In case it turns you off that I'm the kind of person who will take the puppy or the wounded bird home, who will help the old lady with her shopping and all that jazz, GREAT! Because I seriously don't want to be your fetish delivery system and your myopic view turns me off. Actually turning me off doesn't quite describe it, it makes me want to puke.

In case it disturbs your fantasy that I'm a real person with a real life, why don't you just walk away? Even better, run, as fast as you can. And don't bother informing me, because I would only tell you to run a bit faster.

At the end of the day, as long as I am happy with myself, what you - the stranger on the internet - thinks about me, it doesn't mean jack shit. And if you think that I have to be the mean bitch and an abuser just so your fantasy stays intact, I would laugh into your face, if I could actually be bothered.

Come on, get your arse off the internet, volunteer in a shelter, join a gym, take classes, go to a munch, stop looking at porn and get a life.

End of rant!

PS: As a little update, Phil (who had that excellent guest blog about Depression & BDSM and if you like that try ShiftyW's post about BDSM & PTSD too) seems to have made a similar experience from the other side, and had a rant about not being a twue subbie.
What can I say? There are a lot of idiots around...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BDSM and Abuse

It comes up again and again and for a lot of people not involved with BDSM it looks like there is abuse going on, the big difference is that it is consensual!

Honestly, I can't stress enough how important it is that it IS consensual.

There is NO excuse for not respecting a safe word, if people who know each other and have a rapport decide to play without a safe word, great, not a problem, however if anybody announces right off the bat that they will not respect your limits or a safe word, don't walk - RUN.

Some people are thrill seekers and all that, and while I'm not somebody who would rely on a safe word (I explain in a bit), when getting to know somebody, you have to learn about their boundaries and some people have trigger points where you just push them much too far, pushing somebody way beyond their endurance can cause a pretty serious trauma, maybe not physical but leaving mental scars is not covered by consensual play!

Why I don't want to rely on safe words is simple, when the endorphines are flying, it can be pretty difficult for a masochist to recognize what is going on, as the top you really have to watch their body language, it might just feel too good for them to call a stop. Think about it in terms of a happy drunk who's flying high and doesn't realize that he's close to alcohol poisoning. 

But truthfully, that's another issue than abuse. 

I was just reading somewhere, where a woman rejected a dominant because he seemed to have anger issues and threatened to blacken her eyes if she says something to him. That's for me seriously crossing the line, hurting somebody out of anger is not BDSM or consensual, it's being out of control, if the top is out of control, accidents happen.

No problem with a role play where you pretend to be angry, or maybe even some punishment, but boys and girls, don't play with angry people, as exciting as it may seem at first glimpse, you only got this one body.

Seriously, if it would be my hide on the line, I'd be giving somebody a grilling of the 9th degree before I would even consider getting in a situation where I would be vunerable.

If you have issues trusting somebody, don't trust them with your health or life! Being stupid is not an attractive trait in a bottom!

End of rant!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stalkers will stalk

Though I have to admit that mine gave me a laugh, checked a board and of course he had to comment on a thread I commented (he has to, with a little dig, awww, poor baby), of course it had to be a nasty dig about rescuing dogs.

Shit, what did I do to deserve the obsession of an obviously crazy individual? And doesn't crazy boy realize that somebody can look up all his old posts? I guess not, because somebody seems to be a few planks short of a full tree house.

Ladies, please beware of sycophants, especially bullies, and keep all their mails and messages... Screen shots work....

I guess if you can't get laid in a monkey brothel with a bunch of bananas, you have to declare yourself as an online hero.

Considering the shit he put me through the past couple of years, I'm actually quite grateful that fool still tries to "hurt" me. I don't think I ever fooled myself about my looks, but if I would, freakazoid would be balm for my soul, I just would have to forget that he's a slightly unhinged individual. Unfortunately my memory is a bit too good for that.

Seriously, why would anybody get so worked up about being knocked back by somebody he's never seen, will never see? I guess some people aren't very happy in their lives (wait for frantic posts about how happy his life is).

I still take any rescue dog over a backstabbing asshole, never met a dog who's obsessed about a stranger and stalks them, and I thank my lucky stars for never having been so hard up, that I needed to session with somebody who's plainly "mentally disturbed" (read that as batshit crazy).

Let me take this opportunity to encourage every woman out there who plans to get into pro-domming to have additional qualifications and a plan B.
It is the adult industry, you're in the sex industry even if you're not having sex with clients, while it can be a lot of fun, you're bound to be exposed to a lot of unsavoury characters, clients will try to pounce on you...

Again, please do protect your privacy. Trust me, if shit happens it's usually too late and all I can say is, that if my bad experience helps somebody else to not have such an experience, it was - well maybe not worth it, but at least it wasn't in vain!

What happened to me

Don't be a stalking victim

Trust me, I couldn't give a shit if asshole lives or dies, after all he's done, it makes me laugh that he's still so obsessed and unhinged (happens when people have nothing else going on in their lives, so please, everybody find a hobby, working with animal rescues is a good one) and possibly helplessly yelling at the moon. Should he try and do something public again, I just *might* throw up a few screen shots of old mails and PMs (didn't keep everything but kept enough) or link to some old sycophantic posts.

Maybe I should send him an anonymous donation, you know just enough so he can afford to rent somebody for a few minutes to get rid of his deadly sperm build up.... 

Btw here is an excellent article (thanks Stanley) regarding "socially awkward" behaviour and why it's not acceptable:


Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Pro-Domme Myth

From time to time, and especially on life-style boards, the usual stuff comes up about how pro-dommes don't have any real power, how they are just spank machines, that they are there to just fulfill the orders of clients, the usual stuff. 

Of course you also get the usual idiot who will claim they are just prostitutes, well, I have a problem with the term "just prostitutes", while an escort certainly does another job than a pro-domme (slightly different service, who doesn't get that shows their ignorance straight away, which is great because it's nice if people let you know that they are idiots upfront), I absolutely HATE it if people treat them like they're somewhat less than human. If you don't want to do the job, I have no problem with it, I couldn't, but dehumanizing somebody, it's not cool, it's not clever, it makes you look like a prejudiced asshole!

But back to the people who have serious misconceptions about pro dommes, they are usually people who read something, heard something and repeat, or believe what somebody told them.

Yes, it's a service, yes, you have to consider what the client wants, but at the same time you don't like the client or the activities aren't yours, so you turn him down. Not only the client sets boundaries, you also set your own boundaries and they better respect them.

You have a chance to play with a lot of people who then will just leave, you won't have to deal with their real life drama or problems, I had plenty of masochists to play with, BDSM on tap, I could more or less do what I wanted (within their limits), I guess that must be what one night stands without strings or morning afters are for most men... For me it was a lot of fun most of the time with no strings attached, the biggest problem was the occasional blister or sore arm from too much whipping or caning!
Yes, of course I had to use my brain a lot and find new ways to hurt somebody, but seriously, if you're a hobby cook, trying out a new recipe or improving it with experimentation isn't really hardship.

The best reply to that is from MsCoral Korrupt over at MF

If we did it strictly for pleasure we'd be doing it for free, and only with people that we choose. And often, a lot of us Dommes are kinky in our personal lives, just not intimate with our clients.
We often do this for pleasure yes, but not YOUR definition of pleasure and it usually does not involve a woman having an orgasm because we do not want or need to have one in our sessions.

I know, you, a random strange man who may or may not have hepatitis or some sort of parasite, and a Domme may or may not be sexually attracted to you, is completely dumbfounded by the fact that you're met with some serious shade from women who don't want to use the equivalent of a double headed dildo with you in a session.

Let me put it to you in some very clear terms. Some women don't need to be sexually attracted or have a "spark" with them in order for them to want to engage in sexually invasive activities with men for money. A lot of us do not go down that road for health and personal reasons.
Just because we work in the sex industry that doesn't mean we want to get off on everything that walks in through our Dungeon doors just like a veterinarian, barista, clothing designer isn't going to want to orgasm over ll of her clients. UNLESS OUR PUSSIES ARE UP FOR SALE, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THEM. We will tell you how to please us.

Tara Indiana also published an open letter on KinkE Magazine regarding the legalization of all sex work, where she talked about her time as an escort, how much she enjoyed it, that she wasn't a victim but in control and how she then drifted to BDSM. Amazing letter:

I just saw the interview on All in with Chris Hayes and I had some comments and questions. 

First, I a bit a but me, My name is Tara Indiana. I am the Head Mistress of The Den of Iniquity Dungeon since 1994. I started of in the sex business as a high class call girl with the hopes of raising enough money to fight for custody of my younger sister and also benefit my own career aspirations.  

I must say, My years as an escort were some of the happiest times in my life. I travelled the world, met incredibly interesting people and further enhanced my knowledge of culture and world affairs. It was much more of an eduction then I ever got in school.
The Women I met not at all what I expected. The media only depicts prostitutes as victims, street walkers, junkies, white slaves being forced and uneducated naive Woman who don't know any better.  
To My surprise at my first escort agency, all the girls were really nice people and some of the smartest and most liberated women I've had the honor of knowing. Mostly working their way through college, saving up money for a start up, Wanting to put their kids through private school or college, sending money home to their families. There was little to no drug use by most of my co workers aside from the occasional girls night out cocktails which we called "The Putta Squad":. Yes, the clients did them - it was the 80's wall street. but not the girls.  

The Madame cared very much about us and worked diligently to ensure our safety. She counselled us daily, never to do anything we were uncomfortable about, That we could stop a sessions at anytime for any reason. Even just a bad vibe. 

The men were also not as expected. I thought they would be old and gross, guys that couldn't normally get laid. Well it couldn't have been father from the truth. I found almost all of them to be completely respectful, smart, great conversationalists, successful, etc., Many were attractive, wealthy and the strange thing is, they were really looking more for companionship. They were just lonely. There was a lot of conversation and very little "sex" in the sense of what most people consider sex. That's why it's called a trick, the trick is to not have sex with them. I was an escort / inhouse girl for a number of years and the longer I did it, the less sex I had. And the sex I was having was pretty good. Having sex with multiple partners really helped me discover my body and my turn ons. I have much better orgasms now then I did 25 years ago and I owe that entirely to the sex business, 
(and one special men how shall remain nameless as just the world's greatest lover. 

Once even went 3 month without having sex with any of my clients and it was a very busy 3 months and I was always quite popular. 

The counter-statistics being offer by your opponent et al this debate were based on low level street walkers, people in white slavery, etc., which only represent 13% of prostitution. I think she means well, but she getting her info from only one source. To a hammer every problem is a nail. But the idea of lumping in low level street prostitutes with risk aware consenting adults who choose a road less travelled is a TOTALLY FALSE EQUIVALENT. 

It's like comparing people working sweat shops in china and jumping of the roof due to bad work conditions, long hours, no safety and no living wage in a dangerous factory to people working at a union shop for GM or Ford who have medical, dental, pensions and 401Ks, We don't shut down factories because some are bad. We regulate. I also can never wrap my head around the idea that if you buy the argument that sex worker are victims  in what other situation is the victim arrested, have their records ruined and generally have their life destroyed. Because it's not just their lives, it's the lives of all the friend, families, employers, children, etc., that are the collateral damage. What purpose does this serve? In My hey day yes, I would see up to 5 men for many hours, Not the 15 or 20 she's talking about, That would traumatize most except for the rare nymphomaniacs of which their are very few, These are fast houses, the lowest level of prostitution. And yes, they are terrible, but not even a very small part of the business. 

In my 2 year stint as a call girl, almost all the the men I sessioned with were great and I found it very empowering and like I was doing a public service and fun for Me. I tried My best to have good sex with all of them. I felt if I could get paid to have orgasms that was AWESOME! And it was. The Women were some of the most amazing Woman I ever met. I love them all to this day. It was a heady time. I moved to phones when I got in a serious relationship, then I moved onto the field of Female Domination which I love, and is my life (And have been quite successful at it) I've owned over 7 dungeons, trained 1000s Mistresses and 10's of thousand of men and appeared in hundreds of films, magazines, newspapers, TV and websites. I was even on the The Daily Show's moment of zen - still be far My crowning achievement. 

It has been very hard and grueling work. But has been the most rewarding and creatively fulfilling work I have ever done. 
Currently, I am the Head Mistress of The Den of Iniquity dungeon (r) in Los Angeles , I have performed in over 200 fetish and porn films, I am the only woman to have had a national chain of dungeons, fist dungeon to have a members site, etc., and, I think touched the lives of many Women and men for the better as they have I. 

What make this work "bad" is without a doubt the criminalization aspect of it. Constantly being worried about being arrest, kidnapped, violence against Women, having to employee unsavory characters to keep my Ladies safe and the bottomless pit of legal bills, abuse of rico laws, etc. That's enough to give anyone PTSD. 

When your young in your 20's it's kind of exciting, the double life. But after 25 years it wears on you; the constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering when the other shoe will drop and everything you've worked for can be taken without trial by rico laws so you may not be able to even pay your own defense when they freeze their assets. They can do it anytime for any reason, and even if you're doing  a legal sex business, they can freeze your asset and just put you in jail. Once in jail, they can trump up the charges and if you can't make bail, (they freeze your assets so you can't defend yourself or do business) statistically, you'll lose, right or wrong.Theoretically pandering is 7 years (same as man slaughter) and they've started abusing the rico laws in the case of "Rapture" in NY. They were looking at 25 years for running a legal dungeon. (Corrupt enterprise) So you can murder someone and get less time depending on the charges. This is wholy inequitable 

And then there's worrying about stalkers especially in the internet age, 2257 laws, cyber bullying and talking and the issues of safety that have come up with and review boards like the erotic review that in it's nature has forced women to now give up use condoms, do anal sex bareback, swallow and engage in high risk behaviors that were absolutely out of the question in my day. 

Now, my question - what can I do to help and be more involved in what you are doing? I must confess, I am fairly busy. I may be able to offer some time and counselling in areas of my expertise.And I can certainly donate my space in Los Angeles for any suitable fundraisers or parties to further you agenda. 
Here is some background on Me 

While I totally get (and so should you) that escorting is not the same as being a domme, both are within the realm of the sex industry and somebody who goes there voluntarily (yeah, most women aren't going to be dragged into it kicking and screaming) is actually pretty much in control, in control of who they see, who they do what with, when they work, how much they work.... It's an awesome letter from a woman who did what she wanted to do, and has no regrets.

I'm with Tara on that, I'm getting fed up with people trying to "rescue" women who don't want or need to be rescued. It's so belitteling and so unfair, it's basically because somebody else is not comfortable with what a woman does that they try to stop her, all under the guise of "rescuing", but the woman herself is comfortable with it, so it's her call, her choice! We're adults, not children sold into slavery, a woman picking up a whip and wanting to be a pro-domme usually has a strong interest in it, if she doesn't she's not going to last, it will take far too much out of her.

It's the same as when people try to tell me that as a pro-domme I had no choice, no control and I was "just" a service top. Seriously, doing something I enjoy doing and getting paid for this, call it a service all you like, still doesn't take any control away from me. And how is it different from private play? You also negotiate scenes and you have to respect limits. Really, I mean just because somebody is doing something for free (or in some cases to attract a partner) doesn't mean they have more control than a professional who usually can pick the clients. You have an architect design a house for you, you also tell him the specifications, but you don't tell him how to do the job. Seriously, most guys don't see a domme just for her to work through a list the client supplies, they are as much paying for her to create a scenario creatively than for getting their fetish needs met.

Yes, there will always be dommes who take on "all comers", they are new or they need money desperately, it's the same in every job where you freelance or you're self-employed, if you're good, you pick the clients, if you're not and you have no other income, you might have to bite the bullet on occasion. Happens! But then you still have the choice to find another job and do what you want, apart from the fact that a lot of dommes have a 2nd job, hardly any of them puts all her eggs into one basket. Why do they do that? Because they want to keep their independence and be able to tell guys who want to lick parts we don't want to be licked to take their money and spend it elsewhere. 
Once you've been a domme for a while, you'll naturally drift to activities you like and you're damned good at, you advertise them a bit heavier, you attract the clients who're more in sync with you.

Domming isn't something you can put on your CV, if you do it only for the money it kills you and burns you out, apart from the fact that if you factor in expenses, fetish clothes and tools, dungeon rent (or the commission dungeons take), there really isn't that much left over unless you are one of the incredibly gorgeous and superbly talented pro-dommes, and they are usually very very busy and don't have much time for anything else. Pretty much like any other career where you're on top of the game...

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Convinced The Spouse But She's Unsure

OK, this one is just a shorty, working on a lengthy blog entry about something else, but it's something that came up a few times before. We went over that whole stuff about how to tell your partner and all of that, let me try to link:

BDSM and Betrayal


BDSM and Guilt (which might you help to understand why your spouse is leery) 

BDSM and a Spouse   (How to tell her)

So today I stumbled across a really really interesting blog entry from some friends, it's basically about how to get comfy and how to start a scene, what to expect and all the panic attacks somebody goes through when they are domming for the first time:

So in case you are one of the lucky ones who has convinced the wife or the girlfriend to give it a try, you might want to point her in direction of this article (and read it yourself too, you don't expect her to do all the work) just to give her some reassurance and take some of the pressure off!


Good luck to you and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A quick heads up

Not lost interest, just life got into the way...

We let somebody move in last September as he was living in a tent, the weather was cold, we didn't use the room and I didn't want his little old dog to sleep rough, was planned just for a few days, maybe weeks.

6 months later, running the heating at full blast while keeping his window open for "fresh air" and basically trying to take over the house (not contributing in any way, help or finances) we got a bit fed up with it and politely mentioned we need the room as we expect visitors.

Last weekend he ran a bath and forgot about it, apparently for hours, turned the bathroom, the landing and the floor underneath into an indoor pool, then left me to clean up the damage.

Apart from strongly suggesting that he gets out by the weekend as we're tired of somebody taking the piss, being drunk and bringing drugs into the house, the flooding was the last straw. So bear with me, apart from working, being flooded, cleaning stuff out, drying stuff, dealing with insurance and assessors, not THAT much is happening, apart from another friend having a pretty horrible accident that involved his jaw being broken in 3 places. Compared to that, I think the flooding is possibly not too bad...

I do have visions that involve a meat cleaver, but the de-humidifier could possibly deal with the moisture from the blood but not the stains and currently I don't need a bigger mess.

Life is what happens when you're busy making plans....

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dominance and Selfishness

Again, I saw this on a discussion board, it was sparked off by a discussion about what seemed to be some Gorean type relationship. I really can't get into that Gorean stuff at all, but that's beside the point, it's not because it's male dominated, it's just too absurd and contrived and rather badly written, the equivalent of 50 Shades for horny teenage boys, of as somebody jokingly said "Kink in Space", hilarious and brilliantly written summary of the Gor books, let's say they are outrageously sexist and if they would be a willing parody of the genre, they'd be brilliant. Unfortunately some people really take them seriously, which in my not so humble opinion, makes it even more funny.

Apart from very few exceptions, Gorean men seem to have a slight bypass when it comes to humour and IQ, of course it's not fair to use Fartie as an example, let's say a conversation in the short bus might challenge him quite a bit and he successfully managed to make a fool out of himself again and again, even other Goreans loath him and for a while it was great fun watching him get his ass busted over his lies, if you're arguing with Fartie, it's not a battle because the poor boy is completely unarmed, but he likes to think he's superior to every woman, because some 3rd rate SciFi book says it's the "natural order", oh and in said fantasy the women all become simpering slaves, and annoyingly talk about themselves in the 3rd person, but I digress..

Anyway, this woman is married and she wasn't happy, she had the typical simpering 3rd person speak, turns out her "master/husband" makes her hold her urine in the morning while she goes through the 150 different Gor slave positions before he allows her to relieve her outside after he whistles. She tried to talk to him about it (holding urine isn't very healthy for the bladder and UT), as a response he slapped her. Apart from being a bit ignorant about medical issues, he also seems to be on a weird trip where he forgot how to communicate with his wife (or slave as she puts it). This then sparked a conversation about "Dominance and Selfishness" and if you have to be selfish to be a D-type. Quite interesting and a lot of different takes on it...

Essentially what it boils down to is, that I think both ends of the whip or crop are selfish, nobody would enter a relationship if there wouldn't be something in for them, if being in that relationship wouldn't make them happier than not being in that particular relationship or dynamic!
It's like when people claim that FinDommes rip the poor subs off, seriously? The subs usually search out FinDommes and offer them money, they must get something out of it or they wouldn't do it, it scratches one of their kinks or their kink, otherwise they wouldn't go looking for them. Seriously, the women that are dealing with guys claiming to be pay-piggies deal with a ton of time wasters and guys who just want to talk about it, I don't think they are making their money the easy way, I don't think I could deal with it, I'd possibly would feel like banging my head against the wall, but again, that's besides the point.

Essentially I believe that every D/s or S/m dynamic is motivated by selfishness on both parts, one craves what the other person can give, and if it turns from a dynamic into a relationship, I do think in the best of all cases, and the ones where the relationship stands the test of time, each partner tries to make the other one happy. Like every vanilla relationship it's a give and take.

People have needs and if the needs are not fulfilled over a prolonged period of time, the relationship starts to disintegrate. As much as we would like to believe that we are selfless, we're not and there is nothing wrong with it. A submissive doesn't "serve" out of selflessness but again, it fulfills one of his or her needs. Yes, there can be situations where the servitude is without emotions, but in those cases it's all about the fetish and the fetish fulfills those needs. Some of them actually don't even want to have human interaction, they just want to be seen as a service submissive, because being a service submissive is their kink, it's what drives them. They are quite rare, but they exist. If they're getting out of it what they want, it's perfect. 

It's not that different from a lot of clients who frequent Pro-Dommes, they go there to get an urge scratched and for those 60 minutes they might actually believe that they are submissive, when in fact they pretty much dictate what they want to happen in the session. Not that there is anything wrong with it, you book the session and you negotiate it!

Sometimes your emotional needs change over time (like that with the woman who sparked the discussion) and then it's best if people start to sit down and talk to each other. I don't really buy into 24/7 because apart from BDSM needs even the most kinky of all people have different needs and need down time, your mileage on that might vary, but a 24/7 power exchange and a TPE (Total Power Exchange) seems to be unrealistic. If you're rushing into it without knowing the person, it could spell disaster and financial ruin, which I don't think is a desirable outcome.
I really believe people need time out from their dynamic, where they sit down and are on mutual footing and discuss what works for them and what doesn't work. Of course you can claim a good D-type (I use D-type because it is gender neutral, it can be a Dom or a Domme) should know that and realize it, but the truth is, we aren't perfect, we aren't mind readers, we make mistakes, by talking openly and frankly, without any trappings of power exchange and no repercussions. The D-type might decide not to change a thing, he or she could have her reasons for it, but consent can be withdrawn from both sides at any time. If things really don't work anymore, sometimes you do have to draw the line.

I'm a bit fed up when often subs are painted as the victims, I've seriously met more needy and selfish people who identify as s-types than D-types (mind you, that doesn't mean that all D-types are wonderful people) and there is often so much passive aggressive BS going on, after the relationship ends, what they used to crave is then pictured as abuse. 

Again, I'm NOT saying that there is no abuse in BDSM relationships, there are tons of predators out in the real world, of course they are attracted to a world where it is "seemingly OK" to exploit others. But as I said countless times before, you are adults, it's your job to look out who you trust and to not rush into anything, to ask yourself what you are really getting out of the relationship and also what you are putting in. If you are just looking for a fetish delivery system and you're so focused on your fetish, that you forget to see your partner as a human being who might have needs too (other than what you're willing to give, which is in a lot of cases your own kink fulfillment and if you think logically about it, not that much to offer), then you're bound to fall prey to somebody who will try to manipulate you (and not in a good way) in order to get what they want, which happens often to be cash.

There is a person on both ends of the whip, a living, breathing human with feelings, of course with faults (would be nice if we'd all be flawless) but when it comes to a relationship, you have to take all that on board. Kink is one thing, but what are you going to do the other 23 hours of the day? If all you have in common is kink, you're fucked buddy, and not in a good way! Unless of course it is your kink to be exploited and abused, but then please stay away from me, seriously, I'm not judging your kink, but I simply don't want to deal with emotional masochism, in my book it's a recipe for disaster and the D-type always ends getting the blame. It took me far too long to leave Catholic guilt behind, I'm not signing up for emotional BDSM guilt.

No judging, I just prefer to approach my kink from a positive place, somebody who willingly signs up for what I want to dish out, because he or she craves just that. Possibly not the best option ever, but I'm not a therapist and emotional masochism and sadism, for my personal taste it's just a bit too close to abuse and I'd be worried that I might damage more, including myself.

Just my take on it, if yours is different, more power to you, I don't have to live your life and you don't have to live mine. 

Though in defence of submissives, there is also one woman who identifies as a dominant, yet will not tolerate any fetishes or strong preferences on the side of a potential partner, to me it sounds like she herself has a "me" fetish herself and wants a partner who makes it also all about her, but all in a seemingly vanilla environment, where none of his other fetishes are under consideration apart from the way she likes to have sex, she wants flowers, romance, the whole stuff, nothing bad, I mentioned her here quite at the end of it, she's looking for a vanilla date on a kink board, but she won't tolerate kinks or fetishes. Yup, selfish, but then again, if she would be a hot 20 year old, she might get away with it, if you're 50+ and maybe not so hot (hard to tell if you only see a picture of Sphinx. If you want TPE and the other should give everything but you aren't prepared to give anything in return, I guess that is selfish. She doesn't hurt anybody with it (apart from guys who dare to mention a kink on a kink board, met with outrage that she is not a fetish delivery system and it has to be about her, not about the guy's kink) but herself, because let's face it, guys might get desperate but not that desperate that they're going to put up with all the trappings of TPE and none of the benefits.

Now if that was all a bit serious, try this piss take on Gor, though sadly enough, it's actually quite like the few books I forced myself to read, I just couldn't bring myself to read more of them, because they are not simply daft but painful for anybody who has standards regarding their reading material... Still wish I wrote them (using a nom de plume of course to avoid merciless piss taking from anybody who knows me), randy teenage fantasies aimed at randy teenage boys got good ol' Norman minted... Reminds me a lot of Scientology to be honest...