Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dress Code

Guys, seriously if you wonder what to wear to a session with a pro domme, you do need a reality check. Look, you’re coming for a professional session, you’re going to spend the time naked or in bondage, do you really think we care about your fashion sense? You're not coming for a date, you're coming in for a professional session!

Let’s get this straight, you are a client, you pay, we dress up, we dominate you for about 60 minutes and you leave, your fashion choices don’t concern us half as much as your personal hygiene. Trust me, there is nothing worse than some guy who smells quite unpleasant and tried to camouflage it by an overdose of deodorant and cologne.

Personal hygiene also includes a bit of man-scaping, you know we really don’t like brillo pads down south, and the Brazilian rain forest is only beautiful as the lung of the planet. We do understand if you come straight from work and there is a difference between not showered for days and not being fresh as a daisy after a day of work. If you need to freshen up quickly, let us know or have some wet wipes with you.

 There’s nothing wrong with asking us for a cup of coffee or a drink, so in case you plan that, just be presentable, but don’t go overboard and let us know beforehand, so we also know what to wear. But if you’re just coming for a session, don’t over think it.

In case you want to impress somebody with your snappy dress sense, get dressed up for your wife or girlfriend, honestly, she’ll appreciate it a lot more than we do, and it will do your relationship a lot of good.

Now if you're going to met a life-style domme, get dressed up, wear something nice because you're aiming for a relationship. Instead of guessing, ask her where she wants to go to and dress accordingly, or ask her for her dress preferences and what she thinks she should wear. That’s a completely different issue than seeing a professional domme.

 Oh and if you're going to a fetish party, have some fetish wear, seriously, we don't want to walk around with a guy who thinks a pair of black briefs is fetish wear.

End of rant

Monday, 27 August 2012

Dommes, escorts and everything in between

I’m so fed up with the whole “hierarchy” or imagined hierarchy in the adult industry, porn actresses believe they are above escorts, dommes believe they are better than escorts and look down on them, while escorts look down on dommes because they do all that “crazy and perverted shit”. Then of course you got the lifestyle dommes who think that all pro dommes are prostitutes and they can look down on the pro dommes… In case of the disgruntled life-style dommes, the answer is relatively simple, most pro-dommes are simply more attractive (they have to be, because guys don’t pick dommes for their unattractiveness) and usually have better fetish wear and equipment. The difference between a hobby cook and somebody who cooks for a living and can create a dish on command. So there is the problem with the life-stylers who dislike pros, well, nothing anybody can do about it, though I tend to not help out the ones who bitch that much about pros. Kinda pisses me off, because sorry gals, if you dislike them so much, you don’t want any help from an ex-pro. Now the other bit about dommes thinking they are high and mighty and so far above escorts, get a fucking grip. In case you’re in the U.S., do you really really think that when you get busted the cops care if you touched a guys penis to give him sexual gratification or pain? If you think they do, you really need a dose of reality. OK, you don’t have sex with them, they don’t penetrate you, don’t give them anything that ends with job, but you know what? Legally it doesn’t matter one bit if he has an orgasm or not, you touched his privates ZING… Now if you stuck needles into his dick, oh well, guess what, then you can also be done for all sorts of things, stuff like practising medicine without a license and all that jazz, so they come down on you like a ton of bricks. I totally get it that pro-dommes don’t do what escorts do, but that’s a personal choice, the law doesn’t see you as one bit different and it doesn’t make you better. Just think about it, if you get busted as a dominatrix, you can bet that your picture graces the tabloids, if you’re just an escort, unless you got high profile clients or you work in a high profile job otherwise, nobody gives a damn about it. In fact, people will feel a lot more sympathetic towards the “poor hooker” than towards the “dangerous perv in leather or latex”, simply because they don’t understand BDSM, but they understand sex drive and everybody likes to fuck! Instead of moaning and groaning and looking down at escorts, be damned glad that they are around and learn from them, because instead of bitching and fighting, they warn each other when it comes to stings or dangerous clients and know how to screen! And while we’re at it, isn’t the BDSM community always moaning about lack of tolerance? How about showing a bit more tolerance to others like escorts, you know, they’re also human beings, they got a story, there is a reason why they do what they do, just like you have a reason to do what you do and be a domme. And you know if another woman doesn’t have a problem with being an escort, who the hell are you to mind? Because the law treats you both as a prostitute, so get off your high horse, because there is nothing dominant about being deluded!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Real Men!

Real Men…

Yep, real men are organ donors, and so are real women!

Not a very kinky theme but a very important one. A good friend of mine would have died without a transplant, even after the transplant it was a struggle for him that required a lot of courage, the 2nd lease on life didn’t come as a free pass but with a lot of pain. The medication is heavy, the immune system artificially lowered, you’re on steroids that make you prone to depression and give you heavy mood swings, you’re weak and have trouble concentrating and you’re taking more medication than food, you also live with the knowledge that a simple flu can kill you. The first few months are killer…

Why I am on about it? Simple, because I want YOU to be an organ donor, don’t be a selfish cunt, if you think in case something happens to you, you deserve an organ, or your loved ones deserve one (yes, think mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, children, your best friend…) then you should be willing to give one.
Simple statistics: A lot of European countries have opt-out instead of opt-in systems, it’s called presumed consent. Instead of registering as an organ donor, you only have to register if you don’t want to be an organ donor. Austria is among the leading countries and if you don’t opt out, you’re in, and you know what?
Under Austrian legislation, organs can be recovered irrespective of relatives' objections. Today, the procurement rate in Austria is twice as high as those in the United States and most of Europe, with the number of kidney transplants performed nearly equal to the number of people awaiting donor kidneys.”
Think about yourself, think about your loved ones, and get that donor pass! In case some crazy fucker with a gun shoots you, if you have an accident – you don’t need your organs anymore, but maybe a child won’t lose a parent, or parents won’t lose a child. Think about it, and if you believe in karma, hey, even if you were a nasty philandering bastard who stole candy from kids and kicked puppies and kittens, there’s your chance to make something up and get karma brownie points!
GO AND DO IT! Just because you’re a bit lazy somebody else might die!
 And buy yourself a t-shirt, chicks love it and the money goes to transplant research!

Real Men Are Organ Donors
by: sticky


Friday, 17 August 2012

Mainstream BDSM

I’m kind of backing off a bit in regards to 50 Shades, don’t get me wrong, there is still no literary merit in the book, the writing is seriously awful (why couldn’t they afford a good editor?), but I am realizing that it does change the perception of people in regards to BDSM.

Seeing women reading it openly everywhere, guys benefitting from the wet panties of their spouses, couples experimenting with mild BDSM in the bedroom, the idea of a Domme Reality Show being tossed around openly, magazines writing about integrating mild BDSM into your foreplay or bedroom antics, we are really really coming out of the shadow here with big steps.

It’s pretty hard to demonize something that you’ve tried yourself and possibly found really exciting. I remember reading my grannies gossip magazines, and there were those discrete ads for vibrators, pretty hilarious, women were holding them against their cheek or forehead and they were advertised as releasing tension and massaging away headaches… HA HA HA Well, that was before Viagra ;) Sex shops were hidden away in backstreets and as a child I really didn’t know why some shops had dark curtains on the shop windows (usually in backstreets around the station), asking mom or a relative who brought me to the paediatrician what’s in there (I was always an inquisitive gal), usually resulted in a sharp tug on the arm and a conversation about something completely else, often it involved getting an ice-cream cone! You bet that I learned pretty quick that stores with dark windows meant ice-cream and I became an expert at spotting them!
As a teenager, I finally twigged but thought they were more or less costume shops, the grown up equivalent for toga parties, but by then they were a lot less hidden and had actually some costumes in the shop windows, usually they looked like cheap carnival or Halloween costumes, very shiny… They actually had those boots from Pretty Woman in the shop window of a “speciality shoe shop” near Munich’s main station called “Exotic Heels”, the ones I lusted after ever since seeing the movie, I thought they would look really cool and Goth with my blue black hair and asymmetrical hairstyle, mom propelled me away ASAP…
A few years later I actually went into one of the “sex shops” with a friend, we had partied the night away (students, yay) and I confessed that I was never in one of them and my friend dragged me in. Actually it was a bit of a let down, I expected some sleaze and smut, but it looked so clinical, brightly lit and shiny, the lady behind the counter wore a white lab coat, was middle aged and had the typical frizzy mommy perm and asked if we are looking for toys, films or clothing. All very matter of fact and business like. I must have looked like a gold fish out of water, mouth opening and closing… It really was a bit of a let down, especially since the costumes that looked so marvellous, shiny, kinky and naughty, in the shop window (naughty nurse, cop, school teacher or girl, you got the idea) just seemed to be cheap plastic and polyester rubbish on closer inspection. Seriously, you could find a lot better stuff in any of the London Goth shops, cheaper and sexier too…

I think BDSM is going kinda the same way, I mean after my first experience with an “Adult Store” – the fear and slightly naughty feel about thinking of going into one of them was off. Some years later I actually bought a really good corset in one of those stores, not a cheap corselet, a proper steel boned corset, black silk outside and inside cotton. Cost me about as much as one of the cheap polyester ones would have cost me in a BDSM store.
It was around the time when I realized that a lot of the online shops actually charged more for fetish items than sex or BDSM stores, always being an enterprising nature, with a bunch of other students, we decided to make money from it. We went to thrift stores on a raid and bought everything that looked vaguely naughty dirt cheap and put it on eBay. Soon enough it actually paid a lot more than the student jobs we had (that was before they taxed and limited) and we found another niche – big sizes for cross dressers. We figured that anything people are embarrassed to be seen shopping will do well on the net and it really was worth our time and effort ;)
There were some hilariously funny incidents, like the guy buying the leather skirt for his friend, but asked how the female size translates to male size, err yeah… Then a rather large Laura Ashley dress, a left over from the 80’s, super frilly and we only bought it because for 15 (Euros or DM, not a clue anymore) with the tags still attached we thought we could run the risk. Add a Zero to the price and that is what we sold it for, prompt payment, we sent it off and a few days later we got a thank you mail with a picture attached… Bearded, heavily tattooed guy who looked like a trucker had poured himself into the dress, but in a way it was really cool how much he enjoyed it and for a while we were sort of pen friends, we were all girls and he had so many questions about makeup. It was really cool. I don’t think he was a TV, from the way he sounded, he just seemed to enjoy wearing feminine clothes. Made me wonder a bit why our society is so narrow minded. With our group and all being a little bit Goth leaning, a guy in a black kilt wasn’t something that shocked us, and from the guy in a kilt to a guy in a dress wanting to be feminine – not such a huge jump, really…
You know I’m still feeling a bit sad when I think about how many guys feel the need to hide it because it’s not considered “normal” behaviour. We girls got the liberty of wearing dresses, frills, or even men’s clothes (yeah, wearing a black T-shirt today that’s from the men’s department – most girlie T-shirts do have some stupid print or they’re cut a bit short and with hipsters, I don’t want to flash my ass crack about) and nobody bats an eye. Pretty fucked up that guys don’t have that liberty because some knuckle dragging ape will bully them.
I recall coming back a bit earlier one day and the boyfriend of that time wore my silk nighty, it was actually the top of an oversized silk PJ and I loved the feel of it Yeah it did give me a pause for a moment, but he was completely cool about it and mentioned how lovely it feels and it resulted in me going out and buying him some stuff and playing dress up with him. Funny, never liked playing with dolls, but when it comes to a bit of gender bending… We had a pretty good and adventurous sex life anyway and I still look back fondly (and try not to remember the fact that he was a cheating bastard with a wandering dick), it simply wasn’t such a big deal but just a bit of fun.

The way porn infiltrated the mainstream, I think BDSM is doing the same and it really is a great thing. Imagine you are drawn to something and you always feel the need to hide it or everybody will look at you in a weird way?
If people read and see more about it, and maybe experiment with it a bit themselves, no matter how mild, they won’t fear us as much, because let’s face it, we are a really tame bunch, yeah, some of the stuff might appear pretty violent, but hell, there is a lot of difference between whipping a willing participant and some wife beating thug or domestic violence.

I guess people start asking them selves if we are really that different, let’s face it, where do you draw the difference between vanilla and BDSM? Who hasn’t experimented a bit with tying somebody to the bed, maybe a blind fold, a bit of tease and denial, most couples who think BDSM is pretty horrible and freaky have done something along those lines, when they realize that we’re not all that different, maybe their attitude is going to relax and we are less the freak show.
And let me tell you, if shoe and foot fetishes would really be such a rare thing and belong exclusively in the realm of BDSM, then Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Zanotti and all the rest wouldn't be quite so filthy rich and successful...

If it takes a poorly written book like 50 Shades to get them there, hey, I’m all for it! Bring on the cheesy novels, bring on the Domme Reality Shows shows and all the rest.

Btw that's the fabled corset...

Sorry for the bad blank out, but I don't have Photoshop (so I can't magivally lose 10 lbs) but I don't want to give my STALKER ammunition

Thursday, 16 August 2012

BDSM Scandal - "Real Life 50 Shades of Grey"

Currently there is a scandal about a banker with his submissive girlfriend, of course the media labels it a real life 50 Shades, to be honest that is a good thing, because it means they are possibly not going to get dragged through the dirt as much as in the past.

I have no clue what happened, apart from what the gossip rags said, and we all know that they won’t let facts get in the way of a good story, but by all accounts, it just sounds like another relationship that has gone sour, if it wouldn’t be for the BDSM aspect, nobody would give a damn about it. There are tons of relationships that go sour every day, police gets called in because things escalate a bit, it happens but you don’t read about it in the papers.

This one seems to be a bit more restrained than the usual stuff, maybe because it’s a dominant and successful male and the general public is more inclined to sympathize with him being a bit kinky and “masculine”?
I’ve seen people label her as a victim who “endured all that pain”, well sorry, it was a BDSM relationship, I have a hunch that she might have enjoyed the pain, there are male and female masochists around and it doesn’t seem that the whippings are what caused the blow up, it seems it was that he strayed and found somebody else. So take out the BDSM stuff and it’s just a run of the mill breakup and the party who’s left behind gets angry. Nothing fucking newsworthy about it.
Happened to a friend of mine, only the scumbag left her with 3 small kids and a mortgage, dodged support payments and decided to start again with a young girl he knocked up. Chances are he’s going to leave her as well when the novelty wears off, but that’s her problem, getting involved with somebody who was in a relationship – duh, if he does it to somebody else for you, chances are he’ll do it for you, floors me how people can’t really figure that one out…
Anyway, she was struggling and almost lost her home, guess what? Wasn’t newsworthy because it’s far too common, guess if she would have thrown a whip or a pair of handcuffs in, it would have been different... /Sarcasm off

With what happened in the publicized breakup, I’m not freaking taking sides, maybe she was a pain to live with, maybe she just couldn’t deal with him breaking up with her, maybe he was playing around and was an ass about it – who the fuck knows and unless you are friends with them and know the inside story, why take sides?
It’s enough that a relationship has gone sour, common stuff that happens every day, just let them deal with it on their own. Why splash their faces all over the media?
Yes, the guy might have had pictures of him and tons of pretty women up on his site, he didn’t make a big secret of his life-style, nor did she, but then in fairness, she’s a fetish model, but that doesn’t mean that he wanted his clients to see the pics, and for them to discover it, they would have to have the same interest. Completely different story to some gossip rags exploiting it so they sell a few more papers.

To be honest, I hope that all his clients go “What a stud” and that his business thrives, and I hope she is getting lots and lots of model work due to the exposure, it would make up for being dragged through the media. 
And kudos to them for not talking to the media or giving statements! Let them starve, they aren’t publicity hungry celebs playing it out for PR reasons, they are private people who’s private lives are getting dragged through the mud!

For those who go “Oh well, but it’s BDSM and they went to parties” – oh yeah, so what? I mean how would anybody like it to see glorious details of their relationship being splashed all over the news? You know stuff like that you only do it in the missionary position, that your encounters only last minutes and all that shit. It’s just nobody’s business…
Oh and I hope that all the pictures were copyrighted and somebody is going to sue those rags for using them!

I just saw that she talked to the media - how crazy is that? I mean the NY Post? Doesn't she realize that they are just going to gobble her up and spit her out?

Though there is one thing, the whole thing is a bit less vicious than usual, I think it does have to do with the success of 50 Shades and with the fact that more and more people are open about being at least interested in BDSM. It's a bit harder for the media to paint us all as freakazoids and dirty perverts, when a lot of us lead perfectly normal lives, just with a bit of spice, and fetish clothes and a bit of whipping or bondage, is it really so much different from wearing sexy lingerie and foreplay? The women who have read 50 Shades and had a case of damp panties, and the husbands and boyfriends who benefited from the arousal of their spouses and might have experimented with a bit of BDSM themselves, they are less inclined to see us all some type of sex-crazed subhumans, so yes, something is won by being less hidden. Because people tend to fear what they don't know, if they learn about BDSM, they realize there really is nothing to fear and it's all consensual...

Another news flash, the lady in question maintains that she never spoke with the NY Post and the whole interview is a fabrication...  Quite shocking, unless you remember it's a Murdoch paper and they didn't mind hacking private phones, parents of soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, so they could have 1st hand pictures about the shock, politicians, celebs, you name it... Wouldn't be the first time the Murdoch empire forgets all about ethics, mind you they don't seem to remember much about journalism anyway. 
Let's hope the latest 2 victims take them on and that they make an equal amount of money as Max Mosely made!

In case you see an edition of the NY Post anywhere, just email their advertisers and tell them why you won't buy their products anymore, the NY Post won't be around for long with out advertisers...

Friday, 10 August 2012

Domme Reality Show...

I found it quite amusing, of course it's a reality show, of course it's not real, though the Dommes are real.

It really gave me a chuckle and if they get into more of the details, time wasters and all that, it's could be great entertainment...

I actually looked at more of their stuff and found another site to the home page, which is a bit more in depth

I'm laughing at the people at MF screaming hell about the first link, especially the ones who don't session and get all holier than thou and try to dictate the women how they can domme. There are some real retards on MF.

I seriously hope it works out for those girls and they get a show, or at least more clients (shouldn't be difficult, the average MF guy doesn't session, he's too busy telling Dommes to lower their prices and how they should session and what they should do), I was first wondering if it is a wise choice to show their faces, but hell, it's a reality show - in case somebody confronts them later with that, they were acting in a small budget art movie...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Experiment Part I

After talking for months with a friend (male) about what happens to your inbox if you're female and on a BDSM site and showing him my RANT regarding how guys approach women, we laughed, but he thought I was exaggerating. We joked and I told him he could use some of my pics (most vanilla) and I just crop my head out, he should make himself a female profile. The first thing he said:

8/1/12 8:04 PM

30 seconds in with no text on my profile - 9 views and 3 messages already!!!

You might guess that it got worse, about 12 hours in, 7 pages of dross when I checked the profile. Doesn't look like anybody reads profiles, of course a few who offer to be blackmail slaves and all that... I'm currently playing with one who claims to be a shopping slave, my guess is that he will disappear within minutes, if not of course I'll tell him, but my money is on him just trying to get his kicks talking about it.

I made a wishlist on Amazon, it's under a false address, so anybody buying anything there, it will be delivered back to Amazon and the person gets the money back, so nobody is going to be screwed out of money. Now when I made the wish list and gave it to the guy, he claimed he'd send something from it, oddly enough Amazon doesn't even seem to know it, I'm sure it must be a "hitch".

I'd also like to stress that nothing in the profile solicited presents or anything like that, it was the broadest of terms, and sounds a bit like a loon (no limit slave and such):

Looking for subs to use and abuse as I see fit. Have no limits and be on your knees when you approach...

I'm not interested in watching you on cam or do online games, that means you'd be wasting MY time. 

Tell me what you have to offer and why I should pick you, if you want my interest!


I best post what he had to say about it in his profile:

I've always wondered what Dommes on here have to go through. I always read on profiles how swomped they get with messages, pictures sent and no consideration given to the Lady in question. This has always been slightly hard to believe as I can say as what I consider to be a genuine sub on here for a number of years that I have had barely a handful of unsolicited messages from genuine subs, and I would never send a message without a degree of thought.

After talking about this with a friend on here we decided that I would set up a profile as a Domme and see first hand what you Lady's have to go through. Today is day one....

After setting up a blank profile I instantly had messages waiting and chat requests. I didn't even open any messages but still they came. Before long I had more views of my profile than I probably have on this profile in 6 months!

My friend has kindly supplied me with a handful of her own photos, entirely genuine and a variety of poses from one of her foot/leg to full face and body pics. I've drip fed the first 3 of these onto the profile starting with the least on show and working my way up, each addition giving a new surge in messages.

I started reading/opening messages which inspired a further surge messages as people asked why I hadn't responded.

Lastly I added a little text which did encourage a handful of messages from people who had read the text and did slightly tailor the text to suit what it said.

After being "a Domme" for approximately 4 hours I have already had 6 pages of messages!

I expect there will be some on here that will disagree with this experiment, however its something I wish I'd done sooner and would recommend any sub to experience. The overall feeling I have so far is of embarrasment on behlf of male subs. I know there is a degree of stereotyping as there are undoubtedly good ones out there but I now see how hard it is for us to stand out. I have however learnt so much from it that will improve me.

The experiment will continue and I will report what I learn here...

I doubt he will continue the experiment, because I am getting increasingly frequent feedback of "Ewww" and "I don't really understand why guys send those kinda pictures...

He's a very nice person and I really feel a bit sorry for him, but he was curious about it ;) From what I see and understand, he doesn't even log into the female profile anymore out of fear what he sees...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What do you really want?

Spoiler alert: If you're a foot fetishist, you may want to skip this or have your dreams shattered!

I really don't know why I've been thinking about this a lot all of a sudden, but when I was active as a pro domme, the most annoying clients weren't the ones that wanted stuff I wasn't prepared to offer, you could easily get rid of them by recommending somebody who'd be more willing to engage on that level of "physical intimacy", the truly annoying ones were the ones who thought you had to be a mind reader.

Honestly, hardly anything worse than a guy who comes for a paid session without giving you a hint what he is looking for. The "Whatever Mistress wants" made me want to climb up the walls, give me SOMETHING to work with. No, it's not the problem of coming up with ideas, but those are typically the guys who come into a session with a fixed idea or fantasy how the session should be with a "truly dominant woman" but to give a hint would ruin their fantasy, GREAT!
Basically what they want you to do then is read their minds and make it come true, because most of the times their fantasies are so elaborate, you can't really guess them.

If it is about what I really want, then in about 80% of all cases, I really want to give you a single tailing or a caning until my arm hurts, and then I want a foot massage. And I mean a foot massage, not somebody dribbling on my toes and claiming it's foot worship. Seriously, a wet sloppy tongue on my tootsies does nothing for me, all pro dommes endure it because well, how do I put it delicately? You are clients, you pay for it. If I have to give instructions all the way on how to do it properly and you still go on slobbering, it's a bit hard to show enjoyment. Put it down to the fact that as a pro domme you do have to be part actress and since you pay, we don't really want to lose you as a client.

You want her to enjoy the foot massage and you are really doing it for her? Great then check out this link, she will thank you, I mean really thank you:

In case you haven't figured it out, those high heels look marvellous and yes we do love wearing them, but they aren't the most comfortable of shoes, so a good foot massage is always appreciated.

Now in case you are just a foot fetishist and you get off on licking toes, fine, but don't call it a service, don't call yourself a submissive, call yourself a fetishist and a pro domme will supply your fetish, no big deal, but please please spare us the rubbish about how you are doing it for us. Nothing wrong with doing things that get you off, but please stop chewing my ear off how good you are at it and how you are all doing it for my enjoyment.

Oh and if you book a session and you want it a certain way, TELL US, don't give us that bloody hogwash about "Whatever Mistress wants" because chances are that what mistress wants isn't really what you want, and you're then on every fucking internet board complaining that it wasn't your dream session! You wouldn't go into a restaurant wanting a fillet Mignon and tell the waiter "Whatever you want to serve me" and then have a little hissy fit because it's not your favorite dish.

In case you want to be forced, trust me, we're down with that and no worries, we're not going to be shocked, but maybe you shouldn't safeword out when reality hurts a bit more than your fantasy, and then later complain that we didn't push you enough.

Another thing, don't claim experience you don't have. One of my most vivid memories is the guy who claimed to have so much experience when it comes to whippings, he wanted marks, blood, I had to argue about a warm up, he told me he doesn't need one but "indulged" me - thank fuck for that! During the warm up, bare hands and super soft flogger he screamed the place down. Turned out his experience was watching clips and he didn't think it would hurt that much... Yeah, no comment...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lots of Shades - or 50 Shades of BS

You guessed it, I really didn't like the book, mind you I only read the first book of the trilogy and it was torture. Let me get it straight, I'm the sadist here, not the masochist who should suffer, it honestly was serious determination and stubbornness (it has been mentioned that I possess those qualities, the more unflattering term is actually stubborn bitch) that kept me going. Not just the story is unbelievable and so retro, the writing is bad, seriously bad. I had to force myself to not throw it into a corner or to whimper loudly, I did swear a bit though!

Instead of going on and on, somebody said it all before and possibly better than I could: 

I just copied and pasted some quotes, that's what you're getting in for if you buy the book:

Stalker, my subconscious whispers at me through the cloud of tequila that’s still floating in my brain, but somehow, because it’s him, I don’t mind.” (62)
Desire. This is desire. This is what it feels like.” (68)
“I think I’m in shock. My subconscious has emigrated or been struck dumb or simply keeled over and expired. I am numb. I can observe and absorb but not articulate my feelings about all this, because I’m in shock….Fear…yes…that seems to be the overriding feeling. I recognize it now. But weirdly not of him—I don’t think he’d hurt me, well, not without my consent.” (99)
It is pretty bad, honestly, in my view it is cliche ridden granny porn, I know they dubbed it mommy porn but most mothers are possibly not that prude and have steamier sex, I mean the sexual revolution has happened, hasn't it? The pill, free love and all that, 60's and 70's, the glorious days we only hear about, when women had contraception and nothing you could catch couldn't be taken care of by a few shots of penicillin. As long as you block out the thought that your own parents were possibly part of it (I think I made myself sick with that train of thought), it sounds like the golden age of the sexual liberation (though there wasn't much personal grooming or manscaping going on, eeek), no scare of AIDS.
Getting a bit of track here, but I had a lot of conversations with a friend about the difference in the generations, for somebody who didn't grow up and into their own sexuality with the threat of AIDS, it might be pretty hard to understand why we are so terrified of it. I recall that the idea of losing my virginity was completely overshadowed by being afraid of AIDS, contraception was easy to get, the pill, condoms, etc. But AIDS... I was never a fan of Queen but you couldn't escape their music, Freddy Mercury wasting away and dying - it wasn't something that made you particularly horny, even as a randy teenager... But I digress...

Luckily I didn't spend money on the book, borrowed it from a friend, other half was quite excited, he had heard that women get all frisky when reading it, so he didn't mind me reading it in bed (usually always a bit of an issue "I can't sleep when you got the light on...") but you know what, it actually turned me off and he was even more upset. Not just because I really didn't want to jump his bones after dutifully slogging through some pages, but because I kept him awake by swearing loudly and annoying him with comments like "What the f***? Couldn't they afford an editor? This isn't even Mills and Boon level, it's freaking awful..."

Seriously, I'm not a prude, but one review said it would get women's mind away from the laundry and into sex, didn't work for me, before I read part 2 and 3, I think I'd rather do laundry for a whole week, it's less annoying and mentally and sexually more stimulating.

I don't hate the author, in fact, I'm a bit envious and yeah, if I could make money from writing such shit, I totally would. Sod artistic integrity, I'd be laughing all the way to the bank, but I think I would have used a pen name, and then I'd possibly invest some of the fortune I made into creative writing classes. But hey, it's not a bad gig if you can get it.

In a way I am fascinated by the book, or rather the people who get turned on by it. I can't get over the fact that women in this day and age find abusive relationships a turn on, nothing wrong with kinky but manipulating is just not fun.
Christian (the "hero") is not only unrealistic, he's also really fucked up. In our teens we possibly all fell once or twice for an emotionally unavailable guy and suffered for it (I had Mr Terminal Zipper Problem - nice guy, very good looking, just couldn't keep his dick to himself and yes, it ended badly - in case he stumbles across this, sorry that I broke a plate on your head but the bleached bitch was seriously too much) but we all grew up.

Maybe that's the key? The women who like 50 Shades of Poo got the whole guilt thing about sexuality internalized, a bit like a rape fantasy, they're not in control, they're not guilty, because after all sex is something that good girls don't really enjoy... I thank my lucky stars that I ceased to be a good girl a long time ago and I don't need a controlling and emotionally damaged dick (pun intended) to give me orgasms...

I possibly can't stop anybody from reading the book, but I'd hope that anybody who spends money on it will at least consider giving part of that money to a charity, preferably one for abused women!

I climb off my soap box now!