Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hold on tight

Not there, you perv, take your hands off ;)

Just dealing with a bunch of health issues, mainly to do with a gluten intolerance or sensitivity, which is not a lot of fun and they keep stabbing me, (don't they know I like to be on the not so pointy end of needles) and take a ton of blood, surprised that I got any left...

On the bright side, I am working with somebody on a blog entry that I think is pretty important as it deals with BDSM and mental health issues. 

Please let me add a disclaimer, I do NOT believe that being into BDSM is a mental health problem, but I do believe a lot of people who have mental health problems are drawn to BDSM, and I do NOT believe that mental health issues mean that anybody is crazy or dangerous, it just means that they need more help (medication, therapy, etc) and while BDSM can be a crutch, a lot of people will still need professional help.

I hope it can remove the stigma of "mental health" because essentially by labelling them crazy means nothing else than labelling a diabetic as a "freak".

So bear with me, while I get stabbed, tested, work and in the meantime work with a great person on a blog update!

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