Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stalkers will stalk

Though I have to admit that mine gave me a laugh, checked a board and of course he had to comment on a thread I commented (he has to, with a little dig, awww, poor baby), of course it had to be a nasty dig about rescuing dogs.

Shit, what did I do to deserve the obsession of an obviously crazy individual? And doesn't crazy boy realize that somebody can look up all his old posts? I guess not, because somebody seems to be a few planks short of a full tree house.

Ladies, please beware of sycophants, especially bullies, and keep all their mails and messages... Screen shots work....

I guess if you can't get laid in a monkey brothel with a bunch of bananas, you have to declare yourself as an online hero.

Considering the shit he put me through the past couple of years, I'm actually quite grateful that fool still tries to "hurt" me. I don't think I ever fooled myself about my looks, but if I would, freakazoid would be balm for my soul, I just would have to forget that he's a slightly unhinged individual. Unfortunately my memory is a bit too good for that.

Seriously, why would anybody get so worked up about being knocked back by somebody he's never seen, will never see? I guess some people aren't very happy in their lives (wait for frantic posts about how happy his life is).

I still take any rescue dog over a backstabbing asshole, never met a dog who's obsessed about a stranger and stalks them, and I thank my lucky stars for never having been so hard up, that I needed to session with somebody who's plainly "mentally disturbed" (read that as batshit crazy).

Let me take this opportunity to encourage every woman out there who plans to get into pro-domming to have additional qualifications and a plan B.
It is the adult industry, you're in the sex industry even if you're not having sex with clients, while it can be a lot of fun, you're bound to be exposed to a lot of unsavoury characters, clients will try to pounce on you...

Again, please do protect your privacy. Trust me, if shit happens it's usually too late and all I can say is, that if my bad experience helps somebody else to not have such an experience, it was - well maybe not worth it, but at least it wasn't in vain!

What happened to me

Don't be a stalking victim

Trust me, I couldn't give a shit if asshole lives or dies, after all he's done, it makes me laugh that he's still so obsessed and unhinged (happens when people have nothing else going on in their lives, so please, everybody find a hobby, working with animal rescues is a good one) and possibly helplessly yelling at the moon. Should he try and do something public again, I just *might* throw up a few screen shots of old mails and PMs (didn't keep everything but kept enough) or link to some old sycophantic posts.

Maybe I should send him an anonymous donation, you know just enough so he can afford to rent somebody for a few minutes to get rid of his deadly sperm build up.... 

Btw here is an excellent article (thanks Stanley) regarding "socially awkward" behaviour and why it's not acceptable: