Tuesday, 20 May 2014

We're getting there

Monty's been castrated, had his hormone controlling shots, the vet recommended it, said if we wait until the testosterone wears off naturally, he might go through a rollercoaster and it could upset all the progress we've made so far, so we went with that. Of course the little bugger managed to bust his stitches, we walked him on a short leash, kept him in the house, but it didn't stop him from jumping around like crazy in our living room.

The training is going well, he's settled in, he looks quite happy now and is a pushy little bugger, not coming out of his shell, he's exploding out of it. It's bedlam with 3 dogs, I need an extra hand for the fuss and strokes they demand.

So yeah, not sitting around being lazy, having my hands full and managed to rehome a few other dogs.

If you want to put it into BDSM terms, I'm having an alpha bitch and 2 laid back, quite submissive boys...

Don't ask me about feeding and vet costs, LOL, but they're so worth it!

Monday, 12 May 2014

There's been a good reason...

Again, sorry that I was silent for a while, but I was simply swamped with vanilla work and a new member of the family, we managed to pull a dog who was due for PTS from the pound via an animal charity.

A long trip to another part of the UK for H, somebody held the boy for us, he arrived in the middle of the night with a Dobie cross that brought tears to everybody's eyes, it looked like a dog skeleton covered in moth eaten fur. Apparently he was 6 or 7 and neutered, well, he's due to be neutered on the 15th, and I had booked him into the vet for the next day, and according to our vet about 3, maximum 4, he was just in a terrible state. The poor guy had cigarette burns on his balls, his legs, the vet also found evidence (scars) of him being shocked with a cattle prod, old injuries and fractures that healed by themselves, he was parasite ridden, severe chemical burns on his anus and colon, apparently they put something up his butt to make him aggressive, as he was apparently used for illegal hunting.

Apart from work, most of my time was really dedicated to get the poor boy back to health, my 2 Dobies adopted him and help with training, he came with no commands, wasn't house trained, but we're getting there. He's slowly learning how to live with cats (luckily he hates water spray and does about everything for affection), once he's castrated he'll calm down even more, but we had to put that on the backburner, as the vet said he was too weak and wouldn't survive a surgery.

We originally planned to just foster him, but he's such a little heart breaker and has bonded so much with us and our lot, that it looks like he's becoming a permanent fixture.

Of course this happened right on the heels of being diagnosed gluten intolerant, which required a few major life-style changes, a few work things that needed immediate attention - so it never rains, it always kinda pours...

It's been a bit of a rocky road with both H and myself ending in the ER, simple accidents of new boy Monty lunging for the cat and we got our hands in between, but again, a good trainer and working with a dog can solve almost every problem. Can't blame the dog for something some horrible abuser programmed him to do and the deprogramming works just fine. I got some furs and a teddy bear, he learned to not lunge at small fury things that move and gets rewarded with cuddles and praise and it does work like a charm.

Now what I would really like is to find the ex-owner, have some private time with him and a cattle prod, and a good alibi... And nope, it wouldn't be kinky in the slightest...

Anyway, here's Monty, how he arrived and how he looks now. Amazes me how humans can abuse an animal so badly and the animal still trusts...