Friday, 26 June 2015


Since my last blog post Coral died, it's been a while but I felt somewhat numb, we never had met face to face but exchanged a lot of messages, mails and phone calls over the years, just when it looked like she was catching a break, things turned bad. I know it's the nature of cancer but she was so vibrant and alive, it felt like I was sucker punched.

The worst part was, I'm in LA, nobody I can really talk about it to, taking care of a friend who has considerable health problems, tons of chaos, trying to sort things out, then there is work....

The oddest thing happened though, a friend's sister has leukemia, due to having mild lupus and a ton of antibodies due to hashimoto's (some weird thyroid thing where your body produces antibodies against your own thyroid hormones) and being gluten intolerant, I always thought I wouldn't be suitable as a bone marrow donor, guess what, change of thyroid medication and my antibodies are all in remission and almost non-existant and 99% of all autoimmune diseases have related antibodies, since our blood groups and a ton of other medicial stuff lines up, including the type of antibodies I used to have, it makes me such a good match that yeah, I'm going in. It sounds stupid but the fact that they can tap me for something and somebody else can live, it helps. Of course I'm scared, I could so do with a drink (even if I hardly drink) and all of a sudden smoking looks so tempting, but I worked out like a maniac, lived super healthy, I mean if I'm doing it, I want to give it the best shot I got.

Sorry for the rant. I guess since day 0 is getting nearer and nearer, I'm just getting more and more nervous, I'm not going to whimp out as she is undergoing chemo in preparation for it, but shit, I'm really scared, I don't even know why.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Trolls on BDSM boards

Sadly enough you encounter trolls about everywhere on the net, but it seems on BDSM boards seem to be a bit worse than anywhere else.

Lately MF has had a huge influx of trolls, just one guy really, maybe with another idiot riding the coat tails, but a number of names.

Usually it's easy to ignore them, but this time a domme was targeted in the worst way possible, having been on the receiving end of such a little campaign by some deranged stalker, I had a fair idea how alone and horrible she felt through this, it's honestly not pleasant and it can get you down.

A couple of posters complained that I'm fanning the flames and I just should ignore the trolls, they do have a point, but after talking to the woman who was targeted and she said it meant the world to her that I spoke up for her, she received a ton of private messages of support, but nobody said anything in public and it was grinding her down.

When it comes down to giving support to the person who's unjustly attacked, I rather take the risk of a bit of fanning, because if you are in that position, it's horrible and for the person who's under fire, a little bit of support can mean a hell lot.

What I did in the end was make a post where I asked everybody to give a cheer for the domme being attacked, a ton of people joined in, she did feel better. So guys and girls, if you see some shit like that happening, some cyber-bullying or stalking, don't look away and just think ignoring them is enough, because for the victim and the abuser it looks like you're condoning their actions with silence.

Just my 5 cents

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Back for a while

Sorry, vanilla commitments have taken over again, work, family, pets, friends, we had a bunch of stuff happening so blogging had to take a backseat and instead of just ranting, I rather said nothing.

Anyway, some of you might remember Coral, a great Domme, she has cancer and is not doing very well, the co-pays for the treatments literally kill her.

In case any of you can find it in their hearts to donate, please do, it's possible to do it anonymously, it doesn't matter how much or little it is, just the fact that you are willing to donate might give somebody who's battling chemo and stage 4 cancer a boost, having donated an ovary to the big C, I can honestly tell you if you're battling cancer you need every boost you can get.