Friday, 28 September 2012

TVs and CDs - getting the female shape

Undergarments for the TV/CD…

We got the outer layers of clothing wigs, shoes and the bras covered in the previous blog entries,  but to look realistic, most of you will need some undergarments that shape you a bit. It’s not just that guys are lacking the typical bone structure of women and the female curves, men just have a completely different fat distribution. The good news about that is, that your legs will most likely look spectacular, a lot better than most women’s legs because you got less fat on them. As a little nugget of information, quite a lot of hosiery manufacturers use male models for the tights and stockings….

If you don’t have a butt, you could go for padded undergarments or trick a bit with the clothes, a skirt with pockets on the back will add a bit, or you buy padded panties to give you the curves you want.

Again, find out your right size and if that site is too expensive for you, check out the shape or garment you want and get yourself on eBay for a bargain. Of course you can experiment a little bit with all sorts of clothes and padding, but trust me, this stuff works a lot better than painstakingly trying to pad out your bottom and it’s slipping and sliding and you end up looking like a hunchback, instead of looking like a woman with a curvy ass…

Another thing you will want is a waspie or waist clincher,  to give the illusion of a waist. Again if you are looking online, you best know your measurements, and the names you are searching the online shopping sites for are waspie, waist clincher, waist shaper, girdle. Most of them are elastic and don’t work quite as well as a short corset, but they’re fairly inexpensive and give you an idea, and help to shape you. If you aren’t used to a corset, it’s almost impossible to put it on by yourself. So go slow before you end up spending a lot of money on a real corset and you end up with something you can’t use!

In case you absolutely want a corset, for guys usually shorter corsets are a lot better, because of your particular shape, you don’t need something to minimize the hips, you need to create an artificial waist that gives the illusion that your hips flare out a bit. But again, in most cases you are doing just fine with a high waist panty girdle, which will also minimalize the bulge you don’t want to have. As a little hint, make sure you do have an empty bladder, not only it will be a lot more comfortable, it’s not easy getting in and out of those garments.

Now in case you like something under your clothes, just to feel a bit naughty during the day, wear a waspie under your clothes along with some girlie panties, throw in a pair of tights too and you got a bit of a thrill all day long ;)
In case you do need orders from a domme, I suggest you contact a domme you know and just ask if she could give you some orders via phone or email, chances are that she’s aware of the economic situation, so next time you see her, just add a healthy tip to your tribute and everybody is happy.

Now if you are working in a job where a suit and tie is required, wear a white t-shirt under your shirt, to make sure nobody sees the waspie.

You know instead of the money you spend for a session, you can invest a fraction of it in clothes and have a “work up” to your session and the anticipation for quite a while. Money gets a bit tighter for everybody, so this might just be a bit of fun in between sessions and a good way for yourself to get you in the right mindset for a session. For a lot of guys sessioning once a month or every few months is simply not enough. The clothes can be worn again and again.

For those of you who are married and can’t keep the clothes at home, I would suggest just renting a locker somewhere.

I’m still working on all the makeup advice and I’m trying to get a friend to make a blog where she can give you guys specific makeup advice about which brands are best and where to get them cheap. Guys tend to have thicker skin and larger pores, so just buying anything from the drugstore won’t usually work quite as well.
Until I’m getting there, here’s a little link from Transbetty about how to apply makeup:

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