Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gender bending, CDs, TVs and a bit of help....

Thought I make this a bit fun for everybody and just throw in the odd useful advise...

CDs and TVs (cross dressers and transvestites) often need a bit of help, a lot of people claim that they’re not really BDSM and all of that, to be honest, I never cared much about labels and what is “twue and weal” BDSM, if they find themselves at home under the umbrella of BDSM, it’s alright for me. In case somebody minds them a lot, just don’t read and look away, they aren’t going to push themselves at you, OK!

So a couple of my friends do enjoy a bit of gender bending, which is actually a lot of fun (yeah, doesn’t really work for me, I could only camouflage as a 3 headed alien) and it’s pretty hard for them to find somebody who’s into it, a lot of them rely on pro-dommes, but most pro-dommes don’t really have the kind of wardrobe to fit each and every size of guy and make him look feminine. It might be an idea to get your own clothes.
Yes, I hear you, it’s difficult and you’re embarrassed going into a shop, I get that, but you know, there’s a lot of stuff you can do, there’s the internet, you can go to thrift stores and charity shops and claim you need to find something for a fancy dress party.

There are a ton of websites out there who will do the size conversion for you, this one is for the US:

So you find out the right size for you and you go online, but you should really make sure that the material is stretchy, at least until you get an idea of your size and what will suit you and fit you. Often there is quite a bit of difference between different brands and how they cut the clothes, so stretchy with elastic waists is really not the worst idea for your “starter kit”.
Don’t really go overboard, have a look at yourself and be realistic, in short if you’re built like the proverbial brick shit house, maybe you want to look like a high glam pin-up, but it’s not going to work. Go with something that works for you and that’s realistic, unless of course you want to end up looking like you escaped straight out of a carry on comedy.

One thing you’ll need is a good wig (again, if you’re afraid to go into shops, ebay or other online shops, they don’t give a damn if you’re a man or a woman) you might want to be the blonde or brunette bombshell with hair all down your back, but don’t fall into that trap, you want to look feminine and not like a grotesque parody of a female. Most of the super long wigs just don’t look right, unless you’re going for something super expensive. Shoulder long hair will look a lot better and more realistic, it’s a lot easier to look after, won’t look quite as ratty…

The same for shoes, don’t go sky high, go for a medium height shoe and learn to walk in them, there is nothing worse than somebody who can’t walk in high heels, you do look a lot better in a smaller heel when you don’t fall over, because breaking an arm or a nose won’t exactly make you look very feminine.
As for the sizes, there is a difference in size, a female size 9 would be a male 7 to 7 ½  and if you’re going for a heel, then you possibly will need to take that into consideration as well. So when shopping online and you’re in doubt, rather go for the half a size bigger than you thought originally, if needed put in an inlay, your feet will thank you, and stay away from peep toes, unless you have very dainty, feminine toes and very well pedicured feet. Peep toes are also often a lot more uncomfy and cut into your toes.

There are a lot of other things, I think I might do a little series of blog entries, because for a lot of guys the whole “getting ready” and the transformation is just as exiting as finally being feminized. At 200 to 300 per hour, that can be seriously expensive, so having your own gear and knowing about getting ready can get you a lot more play time, than if you need the domme around to get you ready, dress you up and all that!

I have to bug a friend of mine who’s a make-up artist if she’d write me a little bit about that, to give you a bunch of brands that are good and some hints how to remove all your make-up completely.

So I guess part 2 and 3 will be coming soon…

I needed to add something because by chance I found some good wig shops in the UK, maybe too far away for you and all that, but the styles should give you ideas...



The human hair wigs are actually fantastic quality.... I'm thinking of getting one myself in case I want to change my style a bit...

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