Monday, 1 October 2012

A bit of help for masochists ;)

Masochist’s handbook ;)

Quite a few of you guys are masochists but you can’t afford to come home with marks, well, there is help for that guys…

Oh you won’t like this, but actually if you do work out and you are fairly fit, you don’t bruise quite as easily as if you’re a bit flabby, so hit the gym. Your domme might actually enjoy it (firm flesh is a bit nicer to touch and to violate) and – don’t discount this at all – the spouse might as well and it might just give your dormant sex life a bit of a kick…. That additional blubber you carry with you – makes you bruise a lot easier…

In case you’re going for a CP session, start stepping up on the pineapple, it doesn’t help if you eat it the day before but if you have a little bit about a week before, it does reduce bruising A LOT. So before you go to a session, a week before knock the booze on the head, start taking vitamin C, pineapple juice is especially good, treat yourself to a lot of vitamins (C, E, K and zinc), bruises are broken capillaries, you want to strengthen them.

In case you’re taking Aspirn or any other medication that thins the blood or pain killers (ibuprofen as well), you will bruise a lot easier, so if you don’t need it for medical reasons, deal with the headache, a lot better for your blood vessels and bruising.
Knock the booze, yep, just that beer with friends and stuff, skip it because it’s also helping you get bruised, give your liver a rest.

There are 1001 ways to make you scream and hurt you that doesn’t leave marks, but you might not enjoy them quite as much as a cane or a whip, so in some cases electricity it out.
Well a good way to not bruise is starting slow, get the circulation going, a proper warm up and you will not bruise quite as easily. There are ways to help you there too, you know this marvellous stuff called deep heat, not the stuff you can buy everywhere, the really heavy stuff, works wonders, everything will feel so much more intense. Japanese mint oil works too, additionally you do have the nice pain when you wash it off, hot and cold will just be soooooo much more intense.

My personal recommendation would be deep heat (google finalgon and go for extra strong, it’s a present your domme will like) put on after a hot shower, then some saran wrap, making you sweat a bit more and warming you up, the combination of the deep heat and the saran wrap will make it quite difficult for your tissue to bruise, but it will be fucking painful – don’t thank me now, thank me later ;) And mind the cuss words….

In case it has gone wrong and you are bruised, well darling, find excuses to turn out the light, but you can do a lot to minimize the time it takes to get back to normal.

First of all find a sun bed, yep, helps, dunno why but the bruises will fade a lot quicker, then drink pineapple juice, have some aloe vera cream at hand, and – not kidding you – wear a pantyhose. The mesh actually massages your tissue and gets rid of the bruising a lot quicker, who knows, you might actually enjoy wearing one underneath your clothes.

If you are caught in a pinch, anything that firms up female skin and works against cellulite also helps to minimize bruising, simply because it increases the circulation and bruises are bust blood vessels, the more circulation you have, the quicker it gets repaired. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So the shower scrubs, the lotions you have to rub in and all that, go for them, along with a sun bed and the pair of tights underneath your clothes, the bruises (until it’s serious deep tissue bruising) should disappear in 2 to 3 days. Hit the gym, work out, anything to get your circulation going and apply vitamin K creams.
As first aid, raise the bruised area above heart level (yes, ass in the air) apply some ice cubes in a towel, bandage with an elastic bandage, apply vitamin K cream, arnica creams help as well, then back to wearing pantyhose.

An additional tip, pinch yourself (I know it’s a good reality check but that is not the reason), pinch the area where you are planning on receiving CP, how does the tissue react? Goes back immediately without any discolouration – congratulations, it looks like you have pretty good tissue!

Hope that helps… Wouldn’t want you to be caught and having to explain why you have very strange bruises from a good caning or whipping ;)