Sunday, 26 August 2012

Real Men!

Real Men…

Yep, real men are organ donors, and so are real women!

Not a very kinky theme but a very important one. A good friend of mine would have died without a transplant, even after the transplant it was a struggle for him that required a lot of courage, the 2nd lease on life didn’t come as a free pass but with a lot of pain. The medication is heavy, the immune system artificially lowered, you’re on steroids that make you prone to depression and give you heavy mood swings, you’re weak and have trouble concentrating and you’re taking more medication than food, you also live with the knowledge that a simple flu can kill you. The first few months are killer…

Why I am on about it? Simple, because I want YOU to be an organ donor, don’t be a selfish cunt, if you think in case something happens to you, you deserve an organ, or your loved ones deserve one (yes, think mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, children, your best friend…) then you should be willing to give one.
Simple statistics: A lot of European countries have opt-out instead of opt-in systems, it’s called presumed consent. Instead of registering as an organ donor, you only have to register if you don’t want to be an organ donor. Austria is among the leading countries and if you don’t opt out, you’re in, and you know what?
Under Austrian legislation, organs can be recovered irrespective of relatives' objections. Today, the procurement rate in Austria is twice as high as those in the United States and most of Europe, with the number of kidney transplants performed nearly equal to the number of people awaiting donor kidneys.”
Think about yourself, think about your loved ones, and get that donor pass! In case some crazy fucker with a gun shoots you, if you have an accident – you don’t need your organs anymore, but maybe a child won’t lose a parent, or parents won’t lose a child. Think about it, and if you believe in karma, hey, even if you were a nasty philandering bastard who stole candy from kids and kicked puppies and kittens, there’s your chance to make something up and get karma brownie points!
GO AND DO IT! Just because you’re a bit lazy somebody else might die!
 And buy yourself a t-shirt, chicks love it and the money goes to transplant research!

Real Men Are Organ Donors
by: sticky