Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What do you really want?

Spoiler alert: If you're a foot fetishist, you may want to skip this or have your dreams shattered!

I really don't know why I've been thinking about this a lot all of a sudden, but when I was active as a pro domme, the most annoying clients weren't the ones that wanted stuff I wasn't prepared to offer, you could easily get rid of them by recommending somebody who'd be more willing to engage on that level of "physical intimacy", the truly annoying ones were the ones who thought you had to be a mind reader.

Honestly, hardly anything worse than a guy who comes for a paid session without giving you a hint what he is looking for. The "Whatever Mistress wants" made me want to climb up the walls, give me SOMETHING to work with. No, it's not the problem of coming up with ideas, but those are typically the guys who come into a session with a fixed idea or fantasy how the session should be with a "truly dominant woman" but to give a hint would ruin their fantasy, GREAT!
Basically what they want you to do then is read their minds and make it come true, because most of the times their fantasies are so elaborate, you can't really guess them.

If it is about what I really want, then in about 80% of all cases, I really want to give you a single tailing or a caning until my arm hurts, and then I want a foot massage. And I mean a foot massage, not somebody dribbling on my toes and claiming it's foot worship. Seriously, a wet sloppy tongue on my tootsies does nothing for me, all pro dommes endure it because well, how do I put it delicately? You are clients, you pay for it. If I have to give instructions all the way on how to do it properly and you still go on slobbering, it's a bit hard to show enjoyment. Put it down to the fact that as a pro domme you do have to be part actress and since you pay, we don't really want to lose you as a client.

You want her to enjoy the foot massage and you are really doing it for her? Great then check out this link, she will thank you, I mean really thank you:

In case you haven't figured it out, those high heels look marvellous and yes we do love wearing them, but they aren't the most comfortable of shoes, so a good foot massage is always appreciated.

Now in case you are just a foot fetishist and you get off on licking toes, fine, but don't call it a service, don't call yourself a submissive, call yourself a fetishist and a pro domme will supply your fetish, no big deal, but please please spare us the rubbish about how you are doing it for us. Nothing wrong with doing things that get you off, but please stop chewing my ear off how good you are at it and how you are all doing it for my enjoyment.

Oh and if you book a session and you want it a certain way, TELL US, don't give us that bloody hogwash about "Whatever Mistress wants" because chances are that what mistress wants isn't really what you want, and you're then on every fucking internet board complaining that it wasn't your dream session! You wouldn't go into a restaurant wanting a fillet Mignon and tell the waiter "Whatever you want to serve me" and then have a little hissy fit because it's not your favorite dish.

In case you want to be forced, trust me, we're down with that and no worries, we're not going to be shocked, but maybe you shouldn't safeword out when reality hurts a bit more than your fantasy, and then later complain that we didn't push you enough.

Another thing, don't claim experience you don't have. One of my most vivid memories is the guy who claimed to have so much experience when it comes to whippings, he wanted marks, blood, I had to argue about a warm up, he told me he doesn't need one but "indulged" me - thank fuck for that! During the warm up, bare hands and super soft flogger he screamed the place down. Turned out his experience was watching clips and he didn't think it would hurt that much... Yeah, no comment...

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