Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dress Code

Guys, seriously if you wonder what to wear to a session with a pro domme, you do need a reality check. Look, you’re coming for a professional session, you’re going to spend the time naked or in bondage, do you really think we care about your fashion sense? You're not coming for a date, you're coming in for a professional session!

Let’s get this straight, you are a client, you pay, we dress up, we dominate you for about 60 minutes and you leave, your fashion choices don’t concern us half as much as your personal hygiene. Trust me, there is nothing worse than some guy who smells quite unpleasant and tried to camouflage it by an overdose of deodorant and cologne.

Personal hygiene also includes a bit of man-scaping, you know we really don’t like brillo pads down south, and the Brazilian rain forest is only beautiful as the lung of the planet. We do understand if you come straight from work and there is a difference between not showered for days and not being fresh as a daisy after a day of work. If you need to freshen up quickly, let us know or have some wet wipes with you.

 There’s nothing wrong with asking us for a cup of coffee or a drink, so in case you plan that, just be presentable, but don’t go overboard and let us know beforehand, so we also know what to wear. But if you’re just coming for a session, don’t over think it.

In case you want to impress somebody with your snappy dress sense, get dressed up for your wife or girlfriend, honestly, she’ll appreciate it a lot more than we do, and it will do your relationship a lot of good.

Now if you're going to met a life-style domme, get dressed up, wear something nice because you're aiming for a relationship. Instead of guessing, ask her where she wants to go to and dress accordingly, or ask her for her dress preferences and what she thinks she should wear. That’s a completely different issue than seeing a professional domme.

 Oh and if you're going to a fetish party, have some fetish wear, seriously, we don't want to walk around with a guy who thinks a pair of black briefs is fetish wear.

End of rant