Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The "talk"

I'm aware that it's a bit of a rehash, but the subject came up again on a board.

The situation is this, nice guy likes pro-Domme, he likes her a bit more than he should, she gives him the dreaded talk and tells him they can't see each other for a while, because he's getting in too deep and is losing touch with what it is really about.

Obviously he can't understand it and feels like he is punished for being honest.

He isn't, even if it might feel like it, she is making sure he doesn't get obsessed, forces him to have a reality check and forces him to see the situation for what it really is.

Guys, if you're crushing on your Domme, it's not a bad thing but it shouldn't take over most of your life, during a session a bit of a crush is a great thing, but it's not love, there isn't a chance of her being your girlfriend. Most Dommes really don't want a brain washed robot (unless they really have no effing clue about anything), I said it countless times before, it's a sport for adults.

Let me put it this way, I do enjoy a nice glass of wine or a snifter of great single malt (preferably Islay if you're planning to buy me one), I can't handle a bottle, I enjoy a nice spinach pizza, I don't enjoy 5 of them (and you wouldn't want me to, unless you have a fetish for BBWs). Keep it in perspective, use your brain, moderate yourself.

Submission in a session or in context can be wonderful, very enjoyable, there's no problem taking a little bit of it out into the real world, like doing stuff you know she approves of, watching your diet, exercising more, etc.
If you want me to be perfectly honest (you might not but I'm going to be anyway, deal with it), it's all stuff you should be doing for yourself anyway, you're an adult, but I understand that it's a bit easier when you're doing it for a Domme, as some act of worship. Heaven knows that when us girls go on a diet we use every help we can.

In case you find yourself falling for a Domme, take a break, session around a bit, now if you don't enjoy sessioning with other Dommes at all, take a break, put the money aside, your desire will come back and you'll be glad for a little fund you can dip into. Do something completely else that will make you feel good, a hobby, be a volunteer for something you support.

I know it sucks to be in love, or to think you are in love, and the object of your desire doesn't have the same feelings for you, hurts like hell, and yes, been there, thank you very much. Might be undomly to admit it, but who gives a damn? Anybody going to come and tear up my Domme card? I'm really shaking in my thigh high boots (actually I'm lying, due to rain storms in the UK I'm wearing very glamorous Doc Martens and yes, me and both doggies were almost blown away).

This freaking post really took me ages as I was quite busy with the work for charities, and actually a bit of hands on work for a charity that's in the next town, fantastic people who spend all their money for neglected and abandoned animals. If you really want to do me a favour, share the link all over your networks, the more people see it, the more possibly donate as they are threatened by closure due to lack of funds. Extra kudos if you actually send them just a bit you can spare, just make it discrete, I don't really want them to know about my alter ego and hobby. I don't know how they would react, but hey, why chance it, right?