Friday, 19 October 2012

Exclusivity and Honesty…

I broached the subject before but it came up on MF again, even if it was in a slightly different context…

Let’s just assume that a guy keeps telling his Domme that he is exclusive to her and keeps on boring her out of her latex clothes by telling her how utterly devoted he is to her and that he would never ever see somebody else, she’s the only one, blah blah… (I know what you think, BS as usual).

Guy then uses “one and only Domme” as a reference when he is trying to see another Domme , of course he doesn’t tell his Domme (yeah, you know the “one and only one”) about that, and so she finds out that he’s a liar and used her name… To top it all off he even used a different name and then freaked out because she didn’t remember (yeah, if you want a reference as Joe and she only knows you as Mike….).

Result, she kicks him to the curb, other Domme also refuses to see him, dumped client first tries to pretend, both had a fight over him, because he’s so wonderful and gets blasted by both Dommes, who have no beef with each other but both don’t really fancy seeing a liar.

Mr. Dumped who decided to quit the scene, like FOREVER (drama llama alert), comes back the next day and complains loudly that he needs to find another Domme, and how tragic it is that his old Domme is losing income and a regular customer (yes, he’s talking about HIMSELF).

Am I the only one who finds it funny that he pretends to be worried about the income of somebody who doesn’t want him as a client?

Is anybody really surprised that said guy is now bugging both Dommes so much that they feel stalked?

I have my own views on exclusivity in a professional relationship, as long as you are happy with it, fine, but we aren’t married, I’m not going to stop seeing other guys for sessions, it’s your money, so it would be kinda hypocritical to expect you to not ever look at another Domme. I mean, if the sessions are great and you’re enjoying them, chances are that you don’t want to see another Domme. I’m not against it, but I see this whole exclusivity thing as a dangerous sword. Because BDSM is pretty intense and a lot of you guys go to pro Dommes because you have no other outlet, it’s condensed and pretty heady stuff. Like having a glass of wine after a long period of abstinence, it’s going to your head and it might cloud your vision.

Often enough you guys get a bit too attached and we have to disentangle, since nobody wants to have “the talk” (chances are you feel rejected and your feelings are hurt that I don’t want you for myself exclusively), I’ll be a sneaky bitch and claim that I won’t have time but there’s this marvellous other Domme and you should really see her…

Basically what you’ll realize is that we might have great chemistry, but yeah, there are other Dommes out there, that we’re not doing something magical, but that you are getting your kinks met (and hopefully I’ll have some fun – well I better do because otherwise I won’t be seeing you again, buster).

You know, I also really enjoy hearing about experiences you had with other Dommes, how you reacted and all that, it might inspire me to try something new. Or there is the chance that you really want to try something that I’m simply not into and if I’m not into it, I just won’t do it, so why shouldn’t you have that experience with somebody else?

What you shouldn’t do is lie to me about it, pretend you don’t want to see anybody else and then through the grapevine I hear who you have seen, where and when. You know what, tell me and I’ll actually might set up the date for you and I can guarantee you, a referral from another Domme WORKS, like a charm.

It’s actually in my own interest if I recommend you to somebody and it’s a great experience for you, helps you to trust me a bit more, so our sessions get better, you come back “fresh”, imagine I recommend somebody who I know you don’t like and you have a horrible session – what is going to happen is you don’t want to session for a while and you have a bad feeling about sessions in general, so I have to work much harder…

I know, I know, I am beating that old horse to death, but guys, a bit of honesty never harmed anybody…

And for exclusivity – you’re possibly married and your wife doesn’t know that you see me, not my business to judge, it’s YOUR relationship, but you’re sneaking around her – do you really need a Domme who wants you to swear fidelity to her?