Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bit of silence...

Not being fed up with blogging and all that, but one of my pets is sick, we manage to keep him pain free and content for a while with medication, but eventually that won't work anymore, it's a matter of days, maybe 1 to 2 weeks before we have to take the last trip to the vet.

So I'm just not feeling very kinky and for most guys out there a dominant women with actual feelings is a turn off, which could almost be a rant about stereotypes and how we are pushed into neat little boxes...

So in case any of you feels let down because I'm really gutted about having to say goodbye to a companion of several years, feel free to eff off.


  1. Hi Constanze:

    I know how terrible it feels to lose a beloved pet. My heart goes out to you. Best of luck during this difficult time.

    1. It's horrible, the little rat man can't use his hind-legs properly, seems to be a neurological issue or a tumor, due to his ripe age of 3, not a lot they can do. He's on pain killers and for the moment seems to be content (we bring him food, I fashioned a sort of bag like a kangaroo where he can sit and cuddle up to me, Alf cuddles with him) but eventually it won't be enough, it's a matter of days, maybe a week or two. As long as he's eating and grooming himself, he's fine, first sign of pain is that they refuse food and stop grooming themselves, that's when we do the last trip to the vet. I know they don't get old, but they are such lovely and clever companions, affectionate and super social. Since long term health effects aren't an issue, he's allowed to have all the food that used to be restricted or forbidden due to health reasons and I get him a fresh cheese cake every morning, mix the pain killers with a mashed banana and honey. He even got the rat bell back, which we had to take away as he abused the privilege and drove us all batty by ringing it all the time when he was bored.

      A painless exist is the last kindness I can give him. We bought him a kiddie sandbox so everything is flat, but every day he seems to move less... I'm preparing myself for Tuesday...