Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Lupus Thing

I have gotten a lot of messages of support and wishing me well, a bunch of you were actually quite concerned (I didn’t even know so many people read the blog), let me assure my lupus is not to bad and it’s really under control.

A bunch of things seem to trigger it so I try to avoid negative stress (works fine as long as psycho stalker keeps out of my life), avoid unhealthy food, hardly drink alcohol and I don’t wear chemical fiber, especially around my period…

The advantage is that I am a super clean person, because sweat on my skin after a really short time starts to trigger really nasty rashes, it has to do with the antibodies, basically my skin reacts to my own sweat like it’s acid.

My thyroid is a real issue, and as some of you pointed out in your notes, yes, it is possible that one day it might affect major internal organs, definitely, hence I get monitored. I drink lots of herbal teas as the kidneys seem to be the biggest danger and I am a bit anaemic but that’s it.
All It does is make me more health conscious, a lot of people have it much worse and most people with lupus are super sun sensitive, so instead of bemoaning that I got something that can’t be changed, I count my blessings. It’s seriously manageable and doable!

The whole stuff came up when Miss Olivia mentioned a problem that sounded familiar, I asked if she has lupus (I think that’s how it went) and we discussed what we do to keep it in check. I was a bit surprised when she made the post, because I honestly wouldn’t have had the guts to say it out loud. Not that I am ashamed about having an auto-immune problem, it’s really not infectious, most likely genetic, it’s just nothing you want to bring up.
I thought bringing it up was really brave and courageous of her and I didn’t want to leave her hanging there on her own. It is really like she said, if you have it, you sometimes feel like a freak, and no, I’m not happy that she has it too, but it was very very comforting to be able to talk with somebody about it.

Again, thanks to everybody who reaches out, I’m really OK, the only one who suffers on occasion is hubby if I let my health routine slip and I break out