Monday, 3 December 2012


Sorry about the picture not being very clear, let me copy and paste:

Donations Needed
      11/28/12 06:54 AM

I have a friend in great need, in the throws of being evicted and losing her child because of it. I have given as much as I can, but 1000 more is needed. If you have it in your heart please donate to my account

Even 10 dollars would help.
I hope my past integrity with others here, shines in this horrible time for Tabitha.

Thank you all.

Madame Ginger

Scary Fun Domme~ 

I know Ginger very well (in fact I once shared her place and we lived together - got sick as a dog and she looked after me, she IS a great person) and I can assure you of her integrity, I have no doubt she wouldn't ask if it wouldn't be very important.

I have sent a bit of money and if you only have $5 or $10, it might really really help somebody who needs it more, not asking anybody to send more than they can comfortably afford (that cup of coffee you're skipping for that, if a bunch of people skip it, it might make the change of somebody keeping their place and keeping the child).

Guys, I know I have no right to ask for anything and I am not, I'm aware I can't change the world, but together we possibly can make it a nicer place for somebody. So if you think you can afford skipping that chocolate bar or that cup of coffee and giving it to somebody, I would honestly appreciate it. 

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